Saturday, December 1, 2012

This week in Talomir #3

Finally fought this battle. My hopes were up one turn, then dashed the next. Read about it here.

Sample of the report.
I had given up on having the forces painted earlier in the week but never got on fighting it out, until today.

Although I am feeling better, this cough is still kicking my ass. I went back to the doctor and saw another physician at the practice who thought it might be a good idea to test me for valley fever. Apparently if you live in the Valley of the Sun, or Salt River Valley if you prefer, long enough you eventually get a fungal infection in the lungs. The results will come back in two weeks. In the meantime I've been prescribed Benzonatate pills and some codiene cough syrup. The pills seem to be helping, I forgot to take the cough syrup.

I made the report photos with GIMP again, the lighting situation was terrible so they are not the best. I do like the birdseye view though. I only really pimped the first picture, the rest were just text on an image.

Welcome to Frontline Gamer of Frontline Gamer, a lot of reviews and information about gaming. I also think his tips for blogging are really good. He certainly gets a lot of traffic.

In my next post I hope to apply Ray's blogging theory with a post that has a subject that rhymes with NOOBS.

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