Saturday, December 1, 2012

Boobs in gaming.

The other day Phil from The Wargaming Site was showing how his traffic had increased since switching to the Flipcard style for his blog. You can read about that here. In the comments Ray, of Don't Throw a One, suggested that adding the word BOOBS to a post was also a way to drive traffic to your site. Phil tried it here, and showed the results here. You know what? It works.

Now rather than just make another post and pepper it with the word BOOBS, I began musing on that elusive creature the female wargamer. Now I don't have any pictures of wargaming as such but I did stumble upon some pictures of women gaming on Boardgame Geek. I noticed that it had the tag "cute" so a little search later I had a few gems.

Now before you think that any old BOOBS made the cut, I did actually have some criteria. The BOOBS in question had to jump out at me, so to speak, from the thumbnail. No Pregnant women or kids in the picture. And if I had a feeling that the BOOBS in question might not quite be of age they didn't make the cut.

On to the Mammalian protruberances.

The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus
 This first picture got the ball rolling.


Cylon (with some crack)
 These ladies look like fun.


Mammoth Hunters
 Aptly named but not my cup of tea.

Terra Prime
 The caption for this one was "he looks distracted". The Mini Mouse outfit is a nice touch.

Had to include a picture of Zombies!!! I also like the mug with the chemical structure of caffeine on it on the pony wall in the back.

Well let's see if this has an effect on my hit rate, and hopefully people who are actually looking for BOOBS won't be too disappointed.

I did also wonder if you could get the same effect with PAMELA ANDERSON, or some ingenue du jour.


  1. A veritable Boob overload!!!!
    Minnie looks like my kinda gal and so does the last one, both far too you for me, of course!!!

  2. I spent ages staring at the final photo transfixed; I couldn't work out what the brand of cola was on the table...?

  3. Excellent post Sean.Lovely photos. Can you post your stat's from this post?

  4. I was thinking. If you include a picture like the ones you're showing above, in every new post you make, what it will do with the viewstats! I've seen them of this post! ;-)




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