Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Terrain Tuesday 8 - Monolith quick build

Hi All,

I got back from Monolithcon last night and thought I'd fill you in on how I built the Monoliths this year. As you may remember I built some for the guys last year. This year we had two new people, so I built them again with one new thing.

Let's take a look.

I started with some pieces of styrofoam that I had saved from some packaging.  I cut them 4" tall.

They are about 2.25" wide and .75" thick

Next I used .25" foam core for the base. It's not the best basing material, but I have a bunch of old foam core on hand. I also want this to be light and fairly cheap, so I'm keeping it to what I have on hand. I cut it 4" long.

I cut it about 2.5" wide.

I then cut another layer 3" long,

and 1.5" wide.

I beveled the edges and rounded the corners of all the foam core with a 9mm snap blade cutter.

I then cut tooth picks to a length I wanted with the wire cutter on a pair of pliers. A touch overkill, but it worked. I lost one piece when it bounced somewhere after cutting, so be careful.

Next I punctured holes completely through the top piece and into the top of the bottom piece. You can do it with the tooth pick, but it's easier to do with a metal object. Just be careful not to stab yourself in the hand trying to push through the paper.

Looks like I forgot to show, but put the tooth picks through the top layer with the points up and the cut part sticking through. Those cut ends will stick into the holes in the top of the bottom layer. Then the styrofoam will be stuck down onto the tooth pick points until it is flush with the top layer of foam core. All of this will be stuck together with PVA glue. I used Aileen's Tacky glue.

After I gave that a chance to dry I covered the base in spackle as well as a couple of dents and chips in the styrofoam. The spackle was lightly sanded after drying and then I did my normal ground work. In my case that means spots of natural sand texture gel and spots of PVA with a mix of sand and different sizes of railroad ballast.

The next step, I again forgot to photograph, was a layer of Hotwire Foam Factory Foam Coat on the styrofoam. Last year I used only mod podge to seal and harden the foam before painting. I bought the Foam Coat for use on my Mighty Fortress and I wanted to try it out on this. I did a 3-1, powder to water, ratio and it was a little hard to brush on at that thickness. I also learned, and was later confirmed by Bulldog Lopez, that Foam Coat only sticks to itself and Styrofoam. Nothing else. So don't use spackle to fill your styrofoam.

Anyway the Foam Coat does what it says on the tin. Makes it hard and sandable. I then painted everything black and then drybrushed on Charcoal, Rain Grey and Drizzle Grey. The last picture looks a little weird because I edited it so you could see the surface of the Monoliths better.

An easy project that I did while waiting for other things to dry. Any tips you want to share or questions you have, please leave a comment.


Also a welcome to Miguel Guillermo. I think he may go by the handle Skully. If you have a blog please let me know.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Olleytoberfest - Reaper Dwarven Brewmeister 02559

Hi All,

A quick one before I make dinner and get ready for trick or treaters.

A little bug eyed, but the first time in ages I've actually painted a black eye dot with a brush. The apes, with their white eye dots so successful, gave me the courage to try this time.

Perhaps I dirtied him up a tad too much with the grunge wash. All the paints were reaper except for craft paints on the base.

It was fun to work on a single figure and get him finished. I probably could have done him in fewer, longer sessions, but it was nice to just work on him a bit at a time as time allowed over the month.

You can still purchase him, and his barrel toting compadres here.

If you painted any Olley's or found any painted ones in your collection that you want to share, let me know.

I'm trying to push out the Oldhammer in the New World Zine #3 in the next day or two, in time for Oldhammer in the Jerz 2. I'm just polishing the last bit of the work I did and then abandoned at some point last year.

Thanks for looking and commenting.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 260 - Dwarf Brewmeister and others

Hi All,

Close to being finished on the Dwarf Brewmeister.

The goblins are figures that I finished a long time ago that needed their bases touched up. Then a couple of hero forge figures I have on slow burn.

Aidan had his final regulation Cross Country race of the season. Ran an unofficial 11:29 3K. Came in first place with a 9 second PR. Building off a great track and field season.

Thanks for looking and commenting.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Ambulls and Apes

Hi All,

Been super busy the last 10 days or so. Saw the new Halloween movie with the kids, we loved it. Ate a pretzel the size of my head for Oktoberfest and went to a Badminton lesson with my daughter.

In the mean time I did finish the Umber Hulks/Ambulls. The varnish was acting weird, and I kept finding tiny spots that were missed. Finally I just gave in and called them done.

So here they are. After three times painting varnish on I'm leaving the shiny spots.

For fun I put them around Ape force, which was finished earlier. I submitted all of them to the OWAC Sprint challenge. No real reason, just because I could.

I then thought it might be nice to do an ape family portrait.

Thanks for looking and commenting.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 258 - Those Pesky Umber Hulks (Ambulls)

Hi All,

Late again for Saturday, but it's been a busy week. The boy had a band performance during the week, then played with the High School band during halftime at the Football game. Then we ran a Cross Country race in the pouring rain Saturday morning.

I've gotten several layers of drybrushing on the Umber Hulks. It's not looking quite where I want it, but I'm not going to worry about things too much.

I also got the Olley Dwarf Brewmeister on his base and used a spot of Squadron Green Putty to try and cover the mold line in his tankard.

I've since filed the putty down and added sand paste and grit to the base. Should get the paint on him this week.

Welcome to Dave Brewster, if you have a blog let me know and I'll link to it. I'm guessing you may be the daveb that commented on the RoC post.

As always, thanks for reading and commenting.

Friday, October 12, 2018

We rolled up some RoC war bands

Hi All,

So my son has been read the Realm of Chaos books here and there for a few weeks now. It's interesting the things he is picking up on and showing me as he looks through them. I have never really sat down to read them but just picked through the books at various times when a question occurs to me and then forgetting what the relevant information may have been.

What follows is how we rolled our war bands. Did we do it right? Probably not, but the process once you have the two books in hand is somewhat chaotic. ;)

Slaves to Darkness has this handy dandy chart, but it's still not really a guide to how to roll things up and the "instructions" in various sections have you jumping round the book.

In the back of the Lost and the Damned they have all of the charts you need to roll things up.

One of the things that confused me was this blurb about the marks of Chaos in the back of Lost and the Damned. It appears to be more specific with "Mark of Chaos" one receives.

Here's what we did. It may be horribly wrong, let's look. Shall we?

First we need to select our champion. The Road to Power section on pg 38 of Slaves to Darkness seems to be the place to start. On pg 39, in How the System Works it states "A Champion of Chaos begins life as a randomly generated profile." and later "immediately receives two rewards from his patron Chaos Power: one Chaos gift which depends on the god, and a chaos attribute." I'm getting slightly ahead of myself here.

On pg 40 (StD) we have the starting profile table. One chart each for Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Human and Other. If you had a plan in mind, ie a figure ready to convert or use, you might just pick one. We like to put our fate in the hands of the dice gods, so we rolled. We both rolled Chaos Dwarves. Fitting I think, as I have zero Chaos Dwarf models. He rolled a regular Chaos Dwarf, I rolled a Level 5 Hero.

The next step is where I got a little, and still may be, a little confused. StD pg 44 Rewards of Chaos reiterates that you give each champion on attribute and one gift from his patron. Then further rewards can be earned during a campaign. On pg 45 is the Chaos Rewards Table. The same table, in a slightly different format, can be found on pg 50 of LatD. Then there are the "gifts of the various powers. In StD they are still called rewards, in LatD they are called gifts. StD Khorne pg 47, Slaanesh pg 50. LatD Nurgle pg 51, Tzeentch pg 54. LatD also has them all together in the Summary on pg 284.

I think we started by rolling up my son's champion and then that Marks of the Chaos Powers box from pg 281 of the summary in LatD got my attention. My son wants to follow Tzeentch, so I chose to Follow Khorne as an obvious adversary. So if we look at what it says for Khorne and Tzeentch we get that my Chaos Dwarf has Chaos Armor and one random attribute. I rolled 033 Beaked. I then also rolled for a gift, I see now that the Chaos armor is probably the gift, but I got 54 Frenzy. Aidan's champion received a magic rod of Tzeentch and 3 (rolled on a D3) Attributes. He rolled 452 Headless, 279 Cloven Hooves, and 319 Crystalline Body. His gift was 22 Face of Horror. So again, I'm not sure if rolling for the gift after taking the item was the right thing to do, but since we both did it  they come out in the wash.

With the Champions covered it was time to figure out our retinues. This can be found after the Campaign section in StD, Retinue of a Chaos Champion pg 57. The specifics are on StD pg 58. It says "For every two rewards (attributes or gifts) ... consult the following chart. It's a D6 roll you have a chance for 0-2 rolls on the retinue table. My son rolled up 2 Minotaurs. I rolled up a Chaos Warrior. So then I had to give him Chaos Armor (Khorne) and then I did some thing weird again. I rolled on the rewards table and got 61 Gift, I then rolled 92 Eye of God and got Collar of Khorne and a Fleshhound since he had less than 6 rewards. He then also got another roll, which was 71 Gift, and rolled 51 Chaos armor. So now his Armor is fused to his body and he has a 3+ save. I then rolled 28 Attribute and got 506 Invisibility.

So the question here is, did I do the retinue guy right?  As I look at it now, probably not. I think it should probably be Chaos Armor and roll an attribute. I feel like rolling on the Chaos Rweards table is what you do after a battle in a campaign. I see it states that on pg 55 of StD.

Any thoughts? Have you rolled up a Chaos Warband? Do it differently than I did here?

Thanks for looking and commenting.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 257 - Primed the Umber Hulks

Hi All,

Primed the Umber Hulks with craft paint and brushed it on. If I added water to thin the paint it would bead on the plastic. So it took a long time to get good coverage on each model. I still have to go back in with a small brush and hit all the little spots that somehow didn't get paint in them.

I intend for these to be rough drybrush along the theme of the other monsters I did, so not the exact color as the Knightmare Ambulls. We'll see how it goes, I have to look back at those posts to remind myself of the paints used.

Thanks for looking and commenting.


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