Friday, July 23, 2021

WFRP 4th Edition - Inputting your Character on Roll20

 Hi All,

As a follow on from character generation, we have a situation where we needed to put our characters onto the platform we re playing on. For our group that is Roll20. Our GM has gone ahead and purchased the system specific add ons and there is a digital character sheet involved.

To be fair, all digital character sheets have their own idiosyncrasies. Based on the system and the person who built its interpretation of the rules/ character creation process.

So I'll try to forensically rehash what I did for my character. I also helped one of our group input his, perhaps I will go over that one as well.

Alright I took a bunch of screenshots, lets see if we can make sense of this thing.

So we start on the "MAIN" page button/tab. It's a little weird in that you input values into the blue shaded cells, but not all of them. So I entered Name, Species, Class, Age, Height Hair and Eyes. I think I also input my initial characteristics. I am not totally sure, but I think we found out you had to click on the header text to activate the cell for entry. I guess it's a good way to prevent inadvertently changing your values, but it was frustrating. I think when I input my movement of 4 it calculated and filled the other two. I also input my Resilience and Fate.

Although the timing is a bit off, ie I had to go to the advanced tab for some things first, I entered Talents  and specific advanced skills. You just hit the little plus sign. If you need to delete something you need to hit the edit (pen) symbol.

Just showing the bottom of the main page.

Now we're at the "ADVANCES" page. You don't have to re-enter the top part with your name etc.  You definitely need to click on the column text to be able to put in your advances. As a Human I got 5. You also need to input your career Skills and Talents and distribute your 40(?) points or whatever it is. I can't remember at the moment.

At the bottom of the page is your Species Talents and skills. Now I thought you could play with the bonus values, like the career skills, but you cannot. You have a choice of +3 or +5 only and you get 3 of each. I also found out when I helped another player that if you click on a +3 or +5 you can't seem to remove it. Not sure why that is.

Here we are in the "COMBAT" tab. 

Your wounds are calculated for you from your stats.

Trappings, armor and weapons are all pretty self explanatory. The one weird thing is that if you wear something it's Encumbrance no longer counts. Seems odd. You of course have to wear armor and/or shield to get the armor point fields to populate. I'm not sure if I put the dagger damage in correctly or not, but I think so. Oh and wealth you just input.

Hopefully that helps if you are struggling to get your character into roll20. If you have any tips or hacks for doing it better, please let me know.

Happy hobbying.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Map making resources - Nice Photoshop Brushes

 Hi All,

Well, life grinds ever onward and I haven't had as much "free" time as I thought I might. To be honest I might also not be using my downtime very effectively, but that's nothing new.

For today I wanted to share some photoshop brushes I found for fantasy map making. As many of you may recall, I have been making some and mostly waffling about fantasy maps. I have used Hexographer and Worldographer, but never really been satisfied with my attempts with it. I recently purchased Campaign Cartographer through Humble Bundle. It looks good, but I haven't had it in me to work through the tutorials yet.

So I thought, maybe someone has made some photoshop brushes for the Dutch Cartographer Blaeu? I had this idea way back when, but like most of my ideas, never pulled the trigger. One Google search later I found this gentleman's website. K.M. Alexander

He is apparently an author and it looks like he likes to make his own maps for his novels. I might try out one of his books or just "buy a coffee" for him as a way of saying thanks. Anyway, where you want to go is the Free Stuff tab.

Although the brushes are now no longer in the Free Stuff section, you can see they have their own page now. There are some tutorials on how to use the brushes at the bottom of this page.

He has a bunch of interesting sets, but I was interested in cartography sets in particular. The original search lead me to the Blaeu set.

This other set, Janssonius, looked interesting so I downloaded it as well. I hope to have something to show you soon, but who knows? I'll probably do something else and forget all about this for another half decade.

Theoretically I'll have some posts about my Perry Plastics and how to input you WFRP 4e character into the online character sheet, but don't hold your breath.

Happy hobbying.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

WFRP 4th edition - Character Creation

Hi All,

I've had some down time so I had a chance to finish fleshing out the character that I started a few weeks ago for our transition to 4th edition WFRP. If you go to my WFRP page on the blog you will find links to youtube of our actual play. We just finished The Thousand Thrones campaign. It only took us several years and 54 episodes.

I referenced this post from The Ginger Noob to guide me through the process of character creation. Honestly, the rule book does a pretty good job of walking you through the process, but it's nice to have a reference.

I give you Johannes Knappen.

I started this character a couple of weeks ago, and was taking notes of my rolls etc to do a similar walk through post, but then of course I left those notes at home and finished the character without them or writing things down.

I have 3 extra points to distribute between Fate and Resilience. I was thinking to make both my fate and resilience 3, but I don't really know how resilience works yet. I also haven't written down my ambitions, but they may develop from the 10 questions that you're supposed to ask yourself to flesh out your character.

These are mine:

Ten Questions to flesh out your WFRP character.

1. Where are you from?

From the town of Hupeberg at the foot of the Grey Mountains.

2. What is your family like?

The Knappen family has recently come into the academic class. Peer Knappen was the son of an Imperial officer and Katrin the daughter of farmers. They met as students in Altdorf and returned to their home town Hupeberg upon graduation. Johannes’ younger brother Karl “Shwartzkopf” is studying Bright magic in Altdorf.

3. What was your childhood like?

My parents always stressed education and encouraged me and my brother to go to school and become academics as well.

4.Why did you leave home?

To pursue further studies as an apothecary.

5. Who are your best friends?

Ulli, a fellow apothecary student from home and Sigismund, a brawler and gambler from the Inn that Johannes and Ulli carouse in.

6. What is your greatest desire?

To unlock the secrets of potion making and rid the world of disease.

7. What are your best and worst memories?

My best memory is completing my goal of becoming an Apothecary’s apprentice. My worst memory is being unable to keep my mother from dying of the bloody flux.

8. What are your religious beliefs?

Like all good citizens of the Empire I observe the rites of Sigmar, but I pray to Shallya to help me heal others.

9. To whom, or what, are you loyal?

I am loyal to my friends, family, and the Emperor of course.

10. Why are you adventuring?

To uncover the secrets that will rid the world of disease.

So if you've seen any of my previous characters or listened to our game play, you'll note that this is a bit of a departure from my normal type. Usually I play a guy who hacks stuff with a sword and asks questions later.

I'm not sure how dooming works in this game, hopefully I get one that I can get my head around for gameplay purposes.

What's everybody else playing?

Monday, June 21, 2021

Getting back to "Normal"

 Hi All,

Once again I'm back to apologize for abandoning the blog. Totally unintentional, but it happened.

To be honest, I've been having a rough time. I didn't really want to bore whoever still reads this with it, but I've been in perhaps the deepest and darkest depression that I've had in 30 years or so. Many people online are sharing their stories, and I think overall that's a good thing. I don't really want to do that here, I just wanted to sort of explain myself a little. I've always felt like my blog was more or less like having a conversation with people about what we are mutually interested in.

So the gist of it is this. I'm going to be changing the blog and perhaps the way I do hobby. Right now the things I've been doing for the last few years are not doing it for me, so I'm going to work towards finding the joy in the hobby rather than let the dark side of my thoughts get in the way.

I'm going to go back to a more of "this is what I'm doing" rather than a completely polished" what I've done" approach. (I know, my polished may be the WIP of someone else.)

Anyway, the blog will be nine years old at the end of the week. I had hoped to have retooled it and having some new posts, but I've had another life gut punch in the interim. So it may be a little while until I can really get back into the full swing of regular posting.

I've also been very irritated by all the spam on blogger these days. Perhaps that is because I'm not really active on it and I'm getting notifications from other blogs that are semi abandoned as well.

Anyway, I am getting help for my depression and, gut punch aside, things are getting better. It's ok to not be ok. It's ok to be open about it. It's ok to keep it to yourself and your healthcare provider. Just know that you don't have to "suck it up" and that you will be alright. You can find joy in things again.

So that's pretty much it. Sorry if it's a little disjointed, I'll sit on it as a draft and see how it looks after a good nights sleep.

Have fun hobbying your way and I'll see you around.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Defend the Gate - MESBG:BC

 Hi All,

Last in person game before things really got crazy COVID wise in Arizona.

Again at Fantastic Legions house with his amazing terrain.

I pushed him to 50%, but lost the game because I couldn't get close enough to the gate when I rolled to see if the scenario was over.

Still fun. Enjoy.

I feel like my Uruks outperformed. My dice, for once, were pretty hot. However it was not enough. Lots more work to do on the force.

Not sure what is coming next. I have a few new figures in that are calling to me, so that may get me back to the painting table.

My son got exposed to someone with COVID at school, so we're trying to navigate testing and all that right now. The system is pretty confusing and my attempt to be proactive may be for nothing as we may not get his test results before he's done a full quarantine anyway. Oh well. I guess we're lucky to have gotten this far without having to test.

Hope you all are healthy, safe and getting in hobby where you can.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Seize Ground - MESBG:BC

 Hi All,

This game was hosted by Brendan. He had a great balcony spot for us to play and do our best to stay socially distant. We only had a couple of instances of rosters blowing off the table.

Neither of us were as good as Fantastic Legions or CJ at remembering the rules, but we rolled dice, drank beer and had fun. I'd call that a success.

On to the report.

I'm sensing a theme with the forces of good. Each individual guy is pretty powerful. The Mirkwood Elves weren't quite as tough as the Rangers, but I had a hard time killing them, only injuring one. Their bows could shoot at me from the objectives they were holding on their side of the table.

One more game to do a report for and then I've got to figure out what to do with myself.

Happy hobbying.

Thursday, February 25, 2021


 Hi All,

I thought I'd take this moment while we're in between comic reports to talk a little about some of the things I'm doing to manipulate images.

The main thing that gives me the end result is the process of converting a photo image that I learned from the Photoshop Training Channel on Youtube here. I wrote about it on my blog here.

Right now my work flow is to paste new photos into the base layer smart object and then do all the edits in the smart object. It has all of the blood splatter, muzzle flashes, sky backgrounds etc in different layers. I've also put in a blank layer to use the clone stamp tool to fix distracting things in the images in a non destructive manner.

Here's a few examples.

So what we see here are the effects added and the distracting elements of game aids covered up via the clone stamp.

Again with the clone stamp because the perspective of the shot would have been weird to have sky there. Looks like I missed the sliver of table edge in the upper left corner.

Here the perspective was right for sky. I have four or five different sky images in a layer group that I reveal via a layer mask. I sometimes resize and reposition in a given series, but I don't change the base sky image for that particular comic. The background and table weren't super cluttered or distracting, but I thought it would help with the story immersion if I covered it up.

The other thing I'm going to be working on is more photo composites. This is the background I made for the MESBG comic page background. It's made from parts of seven images I found online. I tried the technique of color matching the elements except for the palantir. The only problem was I chose to match to the grey sky that ended up getting washed out in the comic process.

Anyhow, I'm going to start exploring with more photomanipulation and the process of "Photobashing" that concept artists use. I have a lot of bootstrapping to do to get comfortable with attempting to paint or draw digitally.

Next comic hopefully in a day or two.