Monday, February 22, 2021

Hold the Line / A Daring Rescue - Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game : Battle Companies

 Hi All, 

Our next game took place in November. This started a rash of Middle Earth Gaming. My opponent was again CJ. He has been playing since the game came out and used to play Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game in tournaments. (PS, I'm only going to refer to it as MESBG et al from here on out.)

We ended up playing two games, but as I mention in the comic I can't remember the rationale for the second game. I thought that there was something in the injury section that called for it, but I can't find it at the moment.

Once again Fantastic Legions hosted. The terrain is his, the Rangers are CJ's and the Uruks were painted by yours truly.

Please enjoy this two part comic.

The main lesson I learned is, don't have a guy without a shield be your hero even if he looks cool. My strategy of running away worked for the first scenario, but I got my ass handed to me in close combat in the second. Those rangers are tough.

You may have noticed the background of the page. I made it special for this, but of course I covered it up with the panels. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you saw it better, but I can share it here too is desired.

Anyway we closed out 2020 and rang in the new year with a couple more games of MESBG:BC.

So you'll be seeing that in the next couple of reports.

Game if you can.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Breakout from Ville de Williams-Sonoma - Chain of Command

 Hi All,

Found some time to work on the next game. It was about a month after the previous one and I still didn't totally have a handle on the rules. It was the same match up as last time, but this time CJ played the Germans while I played the British.

The terrain and figures were again supplied by Fantastic Legions who GM'd our game alongside Brendan and Adam playing Sovs vs Americans on the other end of the table. The magic of 15mm.

CJ did a great job of laying out the terrain for the game.

Again my memory of what actually happened is pretty foggy. I feel like I pulled out a win, or at least a minor victory at the end with some sniper fire, but they were hidden and so didn't appear in the photos. Doh!

One thing I think I forgot to mention in the last comic is my use of the clone stamp in photoshop to clean up extraneous stuff in the pictures. I used it more heavily here to clean up table edges and game aids/dice so that they didn't distract from the action. I may do a side by side comparison post at a later date.

Any way, please enjoy.

Short and sweet.

I've been looking at more digital art techniques and videos on youtube. So I might be getting crazy with some backgrounds, who knows?

I'm thinking the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game: Battle Companies stuff is up next, but I haven't migrated it over to the new computer yet.

I also need to get back to actual hobby, not digital hobby. The important thing is I'm having fun, I guess.

Keep finding joy in the process.


Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Expand the Beach Head - Chain of Command

 Hi All,

Still alive, just not been in much of a hobby mood. Still working through old games. This one was again with Fantastic Legions back in September of last year.

Again all of his terrain and figures.

We played in 15mm.

I left this one too long and don't have a clear memory of all the events of the game. Hopefully it is an enjoyable read none the less.


It's an interesting system and I think it produces a good game. My 15mm Sovs are still half painted, but we moved on to Middle Earth so there's no rush.

I'll have another game of this next before we get to that.

Happy hobbying.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

It's drafty in the trenches - Warhammer Historical: Great War

 Hi All,

Well, new year, new computer, same old hobby. I hadn't intended to sit on this report from last Summer, or ghost the blog so bad, but here we are.

Fantastic Legions and I got together and played this as a pick up game after some other plans to play Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game fell through. I forgot that he blogged about it here. His pictures are way better than mine.

As always, it was a good time. My pictures were a bit junk, so they didn't make the greatest comic. Oh well. Enjoy.

As you can see I tried my hand at adding some clouds to cover the usual off table stuff/ gamer crotch. Once I figured out my workflow it went quickly enough. If you have an opinion on it I'd love to hear it.

Paint 'em if you got 'em.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

The fabulous, amazing 2020 year end recap!

 Hi All,

Here is the obligatory year end recap post where I try to recall what all I did in the past year.

I realize that a lot of times my posts come across as a "What I did last Summer" essay so I'll try to be less dogmatic in my approach.

What I actually did

As per usual, we make plans we accomplish some and random things catch our attention.

3D Printed terrain

With the start of the pandemic I found myself the time to really start printing my 3D terrain. I apologize for no real glamor shots of this stuff, but another casualty of trying to contain my hobby so that my wife can use the home office, is that I have struggled to find a good place to set up for photography.

Fat Dragon Dungeon tiles.

Corvus Sector Corvus Prime War Layer style building.

Fat Dragon Village Streets tiles.

Corvus Isolation Protocol Building.

Bouncing back and forth between Fantasy and Sci Fi, I also have a few modern day things printed up for Zombie gaming, but nothing painted. The printer has been cold for the last few months as I got busy with other things. I hope to get back to it in the new year.

Scale Creep Group projects

To help each other with motivation, a bunch of us got together and did some projects on a theme. They were a lot of fun and a way to sort of plow ahead without having to thin to much.

The "Paint some kind of killer robot" challenge.

The "RTB01" challenge.

Whoops, not actually a Scale Creep Challenge, but I did challenge myself to get these painted so that we could have a dungeon crawl on my birthday. I did succeed at that.

The "Warzone" Challenge.

The "Mordheim" challenge.

The "Demon" challenge 1 of 2.

The "Demon" challenge 2 of 2.

The "Frostgrave Wizard and Apprentice" challenge.

The "Spooky Halloween" challenge.

The "Chaos Champion" challenge.

So these were a lot of fun and got me to paint way more than I would have as the ups and downs of the pandemic really made it hard for me to focus.

Local Group Projects

We ended up actually gaming a few times here locally before and after the peaks in the pandemic. We tried our best to still follow safe practices and so far seem to have been ok.

Isenguard Uruk Hai Scouts

Isenguard Uruk Hai Warriors.

We've played a few different games, but the latest has been Middle Earth Strategy Battle: Battle Companies. I think I've worked out the recipe for painting these guys. I just need to be a little more precise in the application.

Digital Art

While I did keep up with some Comic book battle reports, I'm a little behind on writing up some of the games I played this year.

But I did do this image representing a battle we had in our WFRP game.

It's a composite of about 5 different images that I then turned into a comic. The scene was my character, an Amber Wizard, had turned into a Raven to follow some cultists that had stolen something from the party while the rest of the party was bogged down in a battle. He ended up being harassed by a flock of pigeons while being shot out of the sky by another pigeon that was the familiar of a vampire.

I'd like to do more of this in the coming year, but I don't always get such clear ideas.

What I didn't get to

This year was the year of the rat, so I had intended to paint up my Skaven. To be honest I just wasn't feeling it when I started with a unit of Skaven Slaves.

I also got part way into some 15mm WW2 Soviets, but didn't finish them and moved on to other things.

My zombie gaming and Gaslands stuff didn't get very far. Oh well.

Here's to 2021!

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Update for September through December

 Hi All,

Whoa! I'm sorry for not blogging for so long. I've been in a weird headspace, to be honest, and blogging just wasn't doing it for me. I think part of the problem was that I was getting a lot of spam from old blog conversations and it was making me question the Blogger platform. 

Anyway, I'll try to just keep on doing my thing and sharing what I can. Here's a few things I painted.

Sector Corvus Prime Warlayer style building with Warzone figure for scale.

Some of the Thingiverse freebies of the Isolation Protocol buildings. I backed the kickstarter and was printing files, but I had a bit of a snag changing filament brands and I have a couple of things I need to figure out for my plan of my Sci Fi table.

Good old Reaper Vampire Matthias the Twisted.

I painted these Isengard Uruk Hai Scouts for local games of Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game: Battle Companies. (Boy that's a mouthful.) I moved my photography space around and can't quite seem to get my shots right.

I don't know that they really stand up to close ups, but they're done and I got in two games with them.

We did another Scale Creep thing where we did Chaos Champions. He's only a Renegade, but his Mom thinks he's a Champion.

There are also some unfinished 15mm Soviets and I think I also completed my Cobblestone street layout for my Mordheim table. But both of those are not really worth showing at the moment.

So, I hope you and your families are all well and that you are getting in as much hobby as you can to take some of the edge off of these trying times. Stay well.


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