Tuesday, July 16, 2019

OWAC2 - Army Pose

Hi All,

After submitting my Army pose post for The Old World Army Challenge, I realized how terrible it was. You can see the post here.

First I did a terrible panorama.

I realized after putting the post together that I had left out one skeleton archer because I had to glue the giant arrow back in his hand.

I had wanted to recreate the Kev Adams pose from Warhammer Armies, but i couldn't manage it in the space I was using. As you can see I was already annoyed because I had been "disturbing" my kids while they were trying to watch Futurama.

Iannick made a comment about my expression, so I fixed it.

Anyway, I neglected to put the army total in my wrap up.

20 Skeleton Warriors with Spears, Standard and Musician 264 points (whoops) /EDIT*
10 Grim Reapers 120 points
1 Skull Chucker + 3 man Crew 60 points
20 Zombies with Standard and Musician 88 points
10 Skeleton Archers 120 points
1 10th Lvl Liche Doombinder 150 points
5 Death Riders 105 points
1 Plague Cart 100 points

Bonus Army(?) Standard Bearer 24 points?

For a total of 1031 points and 72 or so painted figures.

I wish I had time to bask in that, but I don't. Thanks for looking

And before I forget, welcome to howie b.

Monday, July 8, 2019

OWAC2 Final Submission

Hi All,

I posted this to the OWAC a few days ago, but not all of you may be dialed into that blog. So here it is again if you did see it.

These photos probably needed editing, but I'm feeling a lot of time pressure now. So you get what you get.

Grim Reapers with the Reaper Anniversary Grim Reaper. The unit doesn't have shields in my list, but they look dumb with the shield nubbins so I'll add some later.

I am absolutely terrible at assembling multipart models. I had a terrible time with painting sub assemblies and then not having things fit right, fumble and drop the model, repaint, reglue, repeat.

For all that it looks good. Someone more competent may not have the same issues. I'm also not sold on the horse color, but it's done.

I did this guy as an extra. I tried some red ink on the armor but it went on a little thick so it looks more like just red paint than ink over metal. I may try the technique again.

Lastly, I took a second stab at Death, trying to channel Peter Bruegel the Elder. This one is for Iannick.

Bruegel's Triumph of Death is on display at The Prado in Madrid. I got a chance to see it in person this Summer.

Anyway, thanks for looking and happy painting.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

BOYL 2019 Preparation - Terminator Apotheosis

Hi All,

Here's a couple of figures I finished yesterday, hot of of finishing my OWAC2 challenge figures the day before. I'll be posting them here in a future post.

Anyway, here's a sexy man and his dog.

The figures are a Necromunda Bounty Hunter and a Mordheim warhound.  I decided to paint up the dog like a Rottweiler.

The figure looks like the Saxophonist guy from The Lost Boys.

Anyway, I'm hoping that an Autopistol, Plasma Pistol, Combat Knife, and sex appeal will allow him to kill many robots.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I've been blogging for 8 years?

Hi All,

Well it's the blog's anniversary, bloggiversary if you will, and I had no idea that I've been writing this thing for 8 years now.

Seems like I should have more to show for it. Oh well.

So perhaps a trip down memory lane is in order:


My most viewed post was Post Apocalypse 28mm which was talking about a Ganesha Games release and some figures from Lead Adventure. Looks like I hot linked to the images (sorry) and they are now gone. I never ended up getting those figures. This post has 3376 views, probably because of the title. It's not a great post.

My most commented on post was Welcome Followers, with 7 comments. Early on I decided that I wanted to welcome my followers and try to respond back to all comments. Of course it looks like I forgot to respond back to most of the comments I got. Anyway, I like to try and make my blog like we are having a personal conversation. Just not too "personal", if that makes sense.


Most viewed was Another Post Apocalypse err.. Post. I was still blathering about post apocalyptic gaming, but not actually doing any. No clue if Apocalypticum became Mutants and Death Ray Guns.

Most commented upon was 10,000 hits prize draw. Makes sense, you had to comment to win something.


Most viewed was Sexy (Sexist) Miniatures debate, and it still gets hits occasionally. I think this is a "problem" that is never really going to go away. I also am probably showing my age with my likes and hangups, but there you have it.

Most commented upon was 2nd Bloggiversary Giveaway. Surprise, surprise, another giveaway. Coincidentally, I think Asslessman of Leadplague won the prize.


Most viewed was New Talomir Tales post and Welcome, the post itself is just a link to a report I did on Talomir Tales. Perhaps I cross posted it on TMP or something. I had a lot of fun playing in that campaign, although I did fall into the trap of never completely painting my forces.

Most commented upon was 3; 152; 323; 2209; 115158. I thought it was due to the enigmatic title, but alas no. It was another giveaway post. I'm sensing a trend here.


Most viewed was To the Strongest, Dragon Rampant - News you can use. I have played neither of these rule sets and have misplaced Dragon Rampant almost as soon as I got it. I really want to play TtS. I need to just do it, as the kids say.

Most commented upon was 4th Bloggiversary for Sean's Wargames Corner, sigh, another giveaway. Although I do have some Oldhammer Orc Archers I finished posted up.


Most viewed was  Abdul Goldberg, the most infamous Rogue Trader. Thank God! This figure is probably the single most thing I am proud of since I got back into the hobby. I didn't win the competition, but Rick Priestly said nice things about my offering ans it was something that I had an idea for and was able to execute. Yay me!

Most commented upon was, wait for it, Obligatory Year End Post Pt.1 - Painted in 2016. I'm just as surprised as you that it was not another giveaway. It beat out the Abdul post by one comment. It's actually a pretty good post as it shows what I painted for the year. I didn't paint a lot, but I liked most of what I painted.


Most viewed was Shadow War: Armageddon - 3 Way Loot Battle, this was the year that my views ballooned, many posts in the thousands. I wonder if it was some kind of bot traffic? Anyway, putting the title of a rule set in your post title seems to get a lot of hits. It's also a good comic report.

Most commented upon was Paint Table Saturday 204 - Ok I know it's Monday. A Dragon Forge Scenery piece and some IG. I miss Paint Table Saturday a little bit since the demise of G+, but I didn't want to go to a new platform to continue it.


Most viewed was Paint Table Saturday 219 - Chevaliers D'HHonneur metal blocked. Still on the weird uptick of views, over 3000, they would fall back to normal 100's later in the year. This post is pretty meh.

Most commented upon 1000 point-ish Bretonnian Army. I'm glad this one made the list because this was a big part of my 2018. I felt quite a sense of accomplishment getting this army finished. I then got to use it in a massive game here.

2019 so far ...

Most viewed is Banners by numbers - The tutorial no one asked for. A decent post, if I do say so myself.

Most commented upon is Amburger Hill a comic report of a game I had here in Phoenix where I had my ass handed to me. We have a game coming up here in a couple of weeks and I'm way behind the curve on getting my list together for that.

Anyway, thanks for looking. Although this blog is sort of a catchall for my random train of thought, it's the interaction with you all that makes it interesting. So thanks for putting up with my ramblings.

Paint 'em if you got 'em.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Countdown to BOYL: 44 days

Hi All,

Is it time to be terrified yet?

I'm wrapping up the OWAC2 but also madly trying to prepare a bunch of figures for BOYL in August. My timeline is a few days shorter than until the actual event because I have so much travel time to get there. Something like an 11 hour flight, followed by a 2.5 hour drive. Ugh.

Any way, here's some stuff. (Sorry for the bad pictures.)

9 Humans. I realize now that they had the extra arms attribute. Whoops. I'll pretend they have baby T-Rex arms under their jackets. I also really need to dust.

The grave guard, or whatever, that I'm using as Grim Reapers for OWAC2.

The Renegade, Orks (Extra Joints), Beastmen (Irrational Fear [color]), Assassin (I like the way he came painted, just trying to fix him and texture his base.) Two candidates for the Terminator Game/ Strontium Dogs if I can weasel my way in. And some skellies mixed in. Also the Zombie plague cart that needs to be built. Not shown are the Ash Waste Racer, Great Gargant and Space Marine Terminators that have yet to be built. Right now I'm also thinking I will assemble my adventurers for the Temple of Rigg from already painted Fantasy stuff.

So I think I should be worried.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Our WFRP Campaign on Youtube.

Hi All,

Sorry for not posting in awhile, life has a way of getting in the way of hobby stuff. I've been meaning to share this list of youtube videos from our WFRP campaign. Michal has given me permission to post them here and I will set up a page to post the links for easy reference. I joined the group somewhere towards the end of the "Heralds of Woe" campaign. I'm not sure which session yet. The sessions are about 3 hours each. I've toyed with the idea of stripping the audio and editing them down to 1 hour chunks for a podcast format. But honestly I don't know if I have the stamina for that.

Any way, here's the list:

WFRP - "Pretty Things"
"Pretty Things" Playlist:…
WFRP - "Everybody's Talking at Me"
"Everybody's Talking at Me" Playlist:…
WFRP - "A Secret Inheritance"
"A Secret Inheritance" Playlist:…
WFRP - "Heralds of Woe"
"Heralds of Woe" Playlist:…
WFRP - "The Haunting Horror"
"The Haunting Horror" Playlist:…
"The Mystery Adventure":
WFRP - "A Rough Night at the Three Feathers"
"A Rough Night at the Three Feathers" Playlist:…
WFRP - "Terror in Talabheim"
"Terror in Talabheim" Playlist:…
WFRP - "Chaos in the Rye"
"Chaos in the Rye" Playlist:…
WFRP - "The Thousand Thrones"
"The Thousand Thrones" Playlist:…
WFRP - "The Lord of Lost Heart"
"The Lord of Lost Heart" Playlist:…
Session 03 (BOTCHED VOICE):
So there you have it. Let me know if you readers want the notes for any of these. I fell off giving recaps here somewhere in the "Terror in Talabheim" adventure. No artwork and not remembering everything to fix what appear to be errors in the notes.

Thanks for looking and tell me about your gaming if you're doing some.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My OWAC2 post for May

Hi All,

Just a quick post because I've been terrible about blogging this month.

I finished a couple of figures and posted them over at the Old World Army Challenge here. You should really take a look at all the entries, but if you only have time for one you owe it to yourself to take a look at Tom's Dwarves.

Anyway, here's my guys.

My leader, Zazad the Eternal (thanks random name generator), and the standard bearer for my skeleton troops.

Death, from Skull and Crown's Triumph of Death, came with two arm options.

I wasn't able to decide on the arm options so I tried magnetizing. It worked more or less. I also inadvertently changed the head position after breaking his head off before even prepping him.

I last minute decided to give him a sword after looking at the box art.

My posing has left him a tad unbalanced so he needs to be placed carefully to not fall forward and to the right.

June is going to be hectic, so we'll see if I can get the last two units done, in addition to my BOYL and local gaming projects.

Thanks for looking.


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