Saturday, September 29, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 256 - Finished Apes, Satarted Umber Hulks

Hi All,

Busy week, or so it seemed. I have a lot on my mind I want to share, but the days seem to get away from me as far as writing things up and sharing them.

First cross country meet of the season today. My son and two of his female team mates competed today. It was hot but they all had great runs.

On to the minis. First, earlier in the week I finished those Eureka armed Gibbons.

I'm happy with how they turned out, even if I did do the walnut paint wash on the fur of a couple of them too dark.

Next, on the D&D Umber Hulks, I was able to use putty to fill in a few gaps that were bothering me and glue and spackle them on their bases. I am still hopeful I can finish their ground work and get them primed this weekend.

Hopefully I can also get these next couple of blog posts out and release the Oldhammer in the New World Zine so that I can get on the next one to help get us fired up for 2019.

Thanks for looking and commenting.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 254 - Still Apes (Gibbons)

Hi All,

Minor progress on the gibbons. All base colors done and a second coat on the uniforms. As usual I leave the groundwork for last. I still need to touch up the flesh color here and there before I move on to highlights. I also chose yellow for the spot color on the beret and the RPG rounds. I may also call it out on the badges of the ones wearing caps.

I've been hoping to blog more and get the long (very long) overdue Oldhammer in the New World Zine out, but I just haven't seemed to get the time to finish things lately.

Anyway, we shall see what the next week brings.

Happy painting everyone.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 253 - Space Apes

Hi All,

Although the progress has been minimal, there has been some.

I may have some finger grease on the lens. I think I also need to try auto focus, my eyes don't work well enough for manual focus.

I got the uniforms and flesh base color done on almost all of them. I missed an ear or two (not all of them have ears showing) and their fingers and toes can be tricky to find when they're primed black.

No added work on the Umber Hulks.

You may also see some Uscarl squats on the bench. I needed to make room in my washtub for the Umber Hulks, so they are not necessarily next.

Our plan is to write up 500 point forces for the sequel to the Wizard Battle, but we'll see what points value makes sense once we run the numbers. Of course we could just throw stuff down on the table, but I want my son to get the full experience of Oldhammer. Back then I made way more lists than I ever played games. I think it also gets you looking through the books more to find the special rules and points values for things.

Happy painting.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Wizard Battle! - Oldhammer Comics

Hi All,

My boy wanted to play some Warhammer and I had an idea I've wanted to try out for awhile and needed to remind myself how 3rd Edition Magic worked. So we decided to take two wizards each. The idea was a wizard and his apprentice. So one 15th Level (to get some 2nd level spells) and one 5th level.

We rolled for magic points and spells as per the tables in Warhammer Armies.

Here's the report. ( I went with a rotoscope filter as the pictures weren't all that great.)

As you can see we also had to make due with the figures we had to hand. A chaos warrior subbed for the Undead Champion. Primed Zombies the place of Skeletons and a Giant Rat in the place of the Demonic Steed. I know I made the Ghost of HG Wells cry, but I've put off my son too many times in the past and I don't want to kill his enthusiasm for the game.

In the end it's all about fun.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 252 - Probably a bad idea

Hi All,

Not a lot of progress this week, but I have a plan for what I want to paint.

I had already been planning to paint the Eureka gibbons. I added the last space ape to them as I feel like, size wise, he matches them.

I'm also try to prep 10 of these Nolzur's D&D miniatures for the Ambull Safari scenario. Looking at them now, I'm seeing a lot of mold lines. I've started trimming them off with an X-acto knife. They appear to be coated in something to help them take paint. Of course my trimming the mold lines is peeling that off, so we shall see if it causes problems.

Over on the OWAC facebook group some people are chomping at the bit to have a group painting "challenge" again. So I've signed on with these 20 figures to do a mini thing. I'm not super into it, but I'm trying not to be a stick in the mud.

Thanks for looking and commenting.

Happy painting.


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