Thursday, April 28, 2016

Looking for Oldhammer opponents/ players?

Hi All,

If you'd ever wonderered "Is there anyone locally to get in a game of 3rd Ed., Rogue Trader, etc to get in a game with?" you now have the ability to get on a listing and view listings of others who may be in your area.

You can sign up on the Oldhammer forum here:

Here's the new version of the opponent finder hosted by the forum instead of an individual.

I believe Dreamfish is responsible for sexing it up with colors by region.

This is still the old version, I'm not on it for instance, but there should be new additions soon.

All you really need to do is give a rough geographic loaction, ie what city you're in, and some way to be conacted. Blog, facebook, email. Your choice.

Let's hope all these guys in Spain, for instance, get on there and uncover other Oldhammer freaks to play with. Knobgobbler can't be the only person West of the Rockies.

Sign up or incur the Emperor's Wrath!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Table update and Oldhammer in the New World

Hi All,

Just an update of the table. Not much progress really. I did some converting of Voltaire and need to find a couple more things to see if I want to put them on him. Most everything else is more or less where I left it. I'm going to start trying to complete single figures. I find that finishing a figure gets me more pumped than making progress on ten.  Weird, but that's how I seem to work best. The hard part is not falling into the, "well I have color x out, I could use it on a few more figures".

I also wanted to bring your attention to a new post on Oldhammer in the New World. Kaleb's got some good stuff on there and in the works. There also should be a new announcement on the upcoming Oldhammer USA weekend. So if you're interested in playing Oldhammer type stuff (whatever that means to you) check out the facebook group too. If you want an event closer to home you need to speak up.

Right now I'm designing a T-shirt and thinking about ways besides blogging that we can get you to get fired up enough to break out your lead/plastic/resin and play some games.

I'd also like to welcome area23aaa. No blog listed (or avatar) but besides following this blog he follows Blue and Shaitan. So he has good taste if nothing else. (I say he because I'm lazy and just assume everybody into this stuff is a dude.)

Have a good one people.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Otherworld Warlock

Hi All,

Finally finished another figure.

I decided to try my hand at blending my layers more so it was 3-4 colors blended between each other to bridge the gap. I think I blew it on the robe by being to hasty with the final highlight.

Similarly the flesh doesn't have enough contrast. It almost looks like I just color blocked it in the highlight color. I'm not sure if the blending itself is wrong or if I just slopped the final highlight over the previous layers.

I like how the Bronze mask came out and the ebony staff. I'm particularly happy with the Emerald eyes I painted on. It was a new Reaper metallic paint. Look for it more when i come back around to High Elves in the future.

And I guess I should mention that this is part of a themed thing for a Facebook Group. The Bazaar of Crooked Wonders.

Welcome to new follower Michael Dunnage. He doesn't have a blog listed and was put at the bottom of the list because he doesn't have an avatar picture. Friend Connect is also a little buggy today and I had trouble getting anything but the first page of followers to display.

I'm also in the process of sending off figures to Stevo of Stevo's Mini Soldiers and Orcyboy(Tartar Sauce) of Old Orcs Never Die because I read on their blogs or had a comment back that they could use some figures that are sitting in my leadpile.

People have given me things over the years and I really enjoy paying it forward. I also don't  see the point of holding on to figures that I've had for years and don't see myself ever using or had for a short time and don't have any real attachment to other than to horde.

Anyway, I'm converting another figure and thinking about how I want to paint some others. I need to get on finishing those Boar Boyz for Don. They've been in my possession way too long.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 128

Hi All,

So here's what's on the table:

A lot of stuff is left over from the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. I just lost my mojo and couldn't get it done.

I'm trying to get the Otherworld mage painted and remembered I had these other ones in the led pile. Wizards only fool!

These are my Curtgeld for the challenge. At some point he was talking about his dearth of milkmaids, so I'm giving him two, plus the lad "churning butter".

I'm painting up these Gretchin for Dave B, since he won the Sci Fi side duel. I figure two Gretchin are worth one 28mm figure. Plus I have several blisters of these figures so i thought it would be a good opportunity for a test paint.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Emporium, Bazaar and Burneye Sandork.

Hi All,

Been busy with Track, Taxes and home improvement projects. I also fried my router and made the mistake of ordering a new one through Linksys. I think I could have gone down to Best Buy and got one for a comparable price and I'd have it already. I did buy a little dongle so that I can plug my ethernet cable into my Surface tablet, but the lack of wifi is killing the family.

Ok, you came for the minis.

Sorry for the turned photo. My cellphone sometimes does this when I'm taking landscape shots. These are the candidates for Burneye Sandork, arch nemesis of Dahn Alt Rump. The early favorite is the one on the top (Left if it was horizontal). They are Goff Weirdboy, Boss in Power Armor with Bionik Eye, Bad Moon Boss and Death Skulls Boss. I got all these from fellow Oldhammerer Brian K. and found out who they were, and what that little piece was from the 1991 Catalog on I also have the Ork Freebooter with Robot body somewhere but I have misplaced him.

This is the Eureka Voltaire figure that I am going to use for my Abdul Goldberg character submission to The Emporium of Rogue Dreams facebook group. If you don't know, Abdul is an intergalatcic space pirate that is mentioned no less than three times in the plot generator in the back of the Rogue Trader rule book. I have until the end of May for this one.

This sorcerer is due at the end of this month for the Otherworld figure competition on The Bazaar of Crooked Wonders facebook group. So I'm going to need to push him through. I have the whole Idol diorama kit with this but I have a big plan for using led's that requires several steps that I have no experience with. So I keep putting that off.

I also keep forgetting to acknowledge two new followers. Evgeniy Brikelev and chikenbane (I think). Niether of you have a blog listed in your Friend connect file. If you have a hobby related blog I will post a link to it. Also, if you don't have some kind of profile picture you get appended to the beginning of the list. This makes it harder for me to figure out when you join.

Gotta run. Happy Hobby Time Y'all.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Pantheon of Chaos

Nuff said.

I was hoping to have my personal hobby stuff to show you but it got put on the back burner again today. Hopefully soon.

Friday, April 1, 2016

New comic report over at Talomir Tales.

Hi All,

  Just a quick plug for the comic book battle report I did over on Talomir Tales the other day. Read it here.

Comic Life 3 had another update. They have some new templates, so I'll be trying them out. I also adjusted the exposure of all the shots in program. I'm not sure if that was doable before, it saved my rushed and crappy photos.

I have a busy weekend with track, going to be in the 80's here. I'll try to dig out my painting table so that I can paint and show you what I'm working on for Paint Table Saturday 126 tomorrow.



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