Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Krakatoans arrive, Return to Colony 87 is live, and the Boar boyz are under way!

Hi All,

Lots of news to share. I'll have to do pictures at a later date because I'm not set up to take good ones right now and I'm dying to share this with you.

So the Dragon Bait Krakatoans arrived and they look great. The crab is a monster and the other Dragon Bait minis from their already released catalog are very nice. They're very whimsical sculpts. Take a look at their shop here.

Colony 87 has returned with a new Kickstarter here. I'll also have a widget on the side.

You can get all the new ones plus the old ones this time around, no one need to feel left out. You can see beautifully painted versions of these on JB's blog, Leadplague, and you can see my take on one of the first wave figures in my "Merchant of Venus" post.

Lastly, I've finally started painting those Boar Boyz (sorry Don).

The days seem to go by quickly, I'm putting more effort into utilizing my time more effectively and not put off various real life things I would rather ignore. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Only good news here at SWC!

Hi All,

Not as productive as I'd like, but that's not what I want to tell you about.

First off, once I finish up with a few things I'm going to be setting up my Play By Blog/ remote wargaming thing. I had a dream about it last week so I'm going to go ahead with it.

In Kickstarter news both the Circle of Chaos and Effin Cool Oldhammer Halflings funded and it looks like Colony 87 wave 2 will be launching some time next week. Hooray. Check out Asslessman's blog, Leadplague, to see painted examples of the upcoming figures.

In thinking about more noodling with GIMP to make elements for my next Dahn Alt Rump poster I stumbled upon these two tutorials on Creating Cloth Banners and Making Good Ripped and Worn Fabric which is partially covered in the cloth banners tutorial.

Track season is in full swing, and we took a trip up to Flagstaff to compete. Despite an almost 6000 ft gain in elevation the boy did pretty well.

Gotta run, hopefully I'll have some form of hobby progress to report soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

My version of the Oldhammer 2015 figure, "Psycho Sam"

Hi All

You may have already seen him here, but I'm going to show you to him on my blog again.

I went with an homages to Howard Chaykin's Plexus Rangers from his American Flagg comic.

I may break with my normal rule of done is done and try to touch up the gold jewelry in his face, it looks like I may have gotten matte varnish on it. I used absolutely no grunge wash, perhaps a first for me in a long time. I think it paid off.

In my world, Borborygmus Prime, he is part of the Anarcho Squad. Meteing out the Emperor's justice no matter what the collateral damage.

His name is:

I briefly considered making his face orange with a white raccoon eye look, but as you can see his face is already pretty busy with the piercings and goggles. So I left it. Why does he wear a bird skull around his neck? The last guy who asked got a 12 gauge blast to the face!

For those of you that think Donald Trump is a good idea for a Presidential candidate, sorry; not sorry. Only in the current political bizarro world we find ourselves in could someone say the things he says and actually go up in the polls. While I don't disagree that politics as usual is a real problem in our country currently, what he is doing is the worst and ugliest type of demagoguery, preying on peoples real fears and frustrations.

I don't like to bring real life to the blog, especially politics or religion, but that's how I feel about him.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

RIP Wayne England, and some other news.

Hi All,

Sad tidings from yesterday. If you haven't already heard, Wayne England has passed away. Here is the Google search and I recommend the image search to get some idea of the scope and breadth of his work.

The boy chose to wear his Dwarf Oldhammer shirt to school today.

I changed my facebook profile to this rather poor picture of the Goblin Oldhammer shirt.

I did not know Mr. England personally but I enjoyed his work and appreciated his support for the Oldhammer community. He will be missed.

On to other news.

The Circle of Chaos Kickstarter has just six days left and has added the Rhinotaur. I splurged because I can't help myself.

The Effin Cool Minis Halfling Kickstarter also has six days left and they have put out some stretch goals for more Drew Williams sculpted ponies that are within spitting distance. So check it out. I haven't decided if I'm going to up my pledge, order a la carte units or just sit with my initial pledge.

My latest painted figure is up on the Painting challenge blog here. I'll post up the pictures here and on the Oldhammer facebook page tomorrow after 9AM my time. I tried not to be provocative on the challenge site. I may be more so here.

In running news, the boy and I ran our first race together. I was a very proud dad as we finished the 5K with a time of 22:24 and 7:13/mile pace. I thought he did great for his first time running that distance and I enjoyed trying to give him some racing strategy while we were out on the course. I even came in 4th in my age group. I probably could have run faster, but I would also probably still be regretting it if I had.

I've also decided that I'm going to try and focus on the positives this year, rather than nit pick all the negatives, like I usually do. We'll see where that takes us.

Oh, and I had a dream about playing Oldhammer over a video conference so I'm going to work more on making that a reality.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I won Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau!

Hi All,

Not much to report. I did win the 1988 Rogue Trader adventurer figure I bid on.

As far as the picture goes he doesn't look like he's in too bad a shape. I'll strip him and paint him up to be Qui-gon Hercule Marple. We'll then try to design a scenario to play Rogue Trader with the Sci-Fi figures I paint up.

The price was ok, the shipping made it less of a bargain but what can you do?

The Pre game show for Superbowl 50 is about to come on. I'm going to clean miniatures while I watch the game.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Failure to submit, but my mojo is returning.

Hi All,

Thanks for the encouragement, I'm not back to 100% but I've turned the corner and am just painting what sparks my interest right now and not worrying a lick about points or schedules.

I'm too lazy to show pictures but I've got Psycho Sam and some Colony 87 on the table right now and a bunch of Orc Boar Riders on deck.

One thing that occurred to me was that I've been waffling to much with what I want to play. When it comes to the 40K universe I was waffling about with RT, Inquisimunda and even Inquisitor. Then I read the Inquisitor section in the RT book and it all made sense. Draw on subsequent Inquisitor fluff, but learn RT to play fun, bad ass games with the Oldhammer in the New World Gang. Sounds like a win win.

So I'm now on a quest to get the 1988 Inquisitor figure, to be my version of Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau, none other than Qui-gon Hercule Marple. Borborygmus Prime must be cleansed!

So that little bit of hobby clarity has occurred.

I've also noticed that sitting in front of the computer is giving me splitting headaches so I'll try to moderate that a little.

Off to make dinner. Have a great day.

Monday, February 1, 2016

To the Strongest Hard copy, explosion graphic resources, track and malaise

Hi All

  Sorry for the wordy title, I've got a lot on my mind.

  My hard copy of To the Strongest came in over the weekend. Simon Miller had a special and threw in some laser cut chits. I've had the PDF's for awhile, but have been sitting on this game for too long. What I envision doing with it is playing out a War of the Roses campaign using the old Avalon Hill board game Kingmaker as a campaign map. My dream was to make it a play by blog, but I don't have period specific figures or recognizable personalities painted up. I'm also not sure if it would be better to try and have participants play on their own and report back or try to live play via video conference. I'm not sure if that would even appeal to people.

  Over on face book people were talking about ipad apps for putting muzzle flashes and explosions into their 40K battle report pictures. I don't own an ipad, but have done a fair bit of photo manipulating for my comic reports in both GIMP and Comic Life 3. Following is a list of resources from deviant art:

I felt like FrostBo in particular had a lot of good resources on his profile. Lots of useful Photoshop and GIMP brushes that I didn't list here.

The boy ran his first races of the season on Saturday. 3:10 800m and 6:29 1500m just about dead on his average for both races last season.

I've been even more quiet than usual on the bloggisphere as I'm feeling a tad nihilistic at the moment. I'm just trying to soldier on and not let the amount of work undone paralyze me. Right now I've lost my mojo for the painting challenge. I'll try to get it back but I think I'm done with trying to put out bulk units. It was never my forte and the thought of it right now is putting me off painting altogether.

Bye for now.


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