Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Only good news here at SWC!

Hi All,

Not as productive as I'd like, but that's not what I want to tell you about.

First off, once I finish up with a few things I'm going to be setting up my Play By Blog/ remote wargaming thing. I had a dream about it last week so I'm going to go ahead with it.

In Kickstarter news both the Circle of Chaos and Effin Cool Oldhammer Halflings funded and it looks like Colony 87 wave 2 will be launching some time next week. Hooray. Check out Asslessman's blog, Leadplague, to see painted examples of the upcoming figures.

In thinking about more noodling with GIMP to make elements for my next Dahn Alt Rump poster I stumbled upon these two tutorials on Creating Cloth Banners and Making Good Ripped and Worn Fabric which is partially covered in the cloth banners tutorial.

Track season is in full swing, and we took a trip up to Flagstaff to compete. Despite an almost 6000 ft gain in elevation the boy did pretty well.

Gotta run, hopefully I'll have some form of hobby progress to report soon.


  1. Always love a good news post, it lifts the spirits first thing.

  2. Sounds good. We all have quiet periods good to hear your still plugging along.



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