Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Failure to submit, but my mojo is returning.

Hi All,

Thanks for the encouragement, I'm not back to 100% but I've turned the corner and am just painting what sparks my interest right now and not worrying a lick about points or schedules.

I'm too lazy to show pictures but I've got Psycho Sam and some Colony 87 on the table right now and a bunch of Orc Boar Riders on deck.

One thing that occurred to me was that I've been waffling to much with what I want to play. When it comes to the 40K universe I was waffling about with RT, Inquisimunda and even Inquisitor. Then I read the Inquisitor section in the RT book and it all made sense. Draw on subsequent Inquisitor fluff, but learn RT to play fun, bad ass games with the Oldhammer in the New World Gang. Sounds like a win win.

So I'm now on a quest to get the 1988 Inquisitor figure, to be my version of Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau, none other than Qui-gon Hercule Marple. Borborygmus Prime must be cleansed!

So that little bit of hobby clarity has occurred.

I've also noticed that sitting in front of the computer is giving me splitting headaches so I'll try to moderate that a little.

Off to make dinner. Have a great day.


  1. We have all been through something similar, your plan of just painting what you want sounds like a plan to me.

  2. Qui-gon Hercule it!

    1. Thanks Ray, all credit is due to whomever came up with Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau in the first place.

  3. Good to hear it is coming back. Onwards and upwards!



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