Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Krakatoans arrive, Return to Colony 87 is live, and the Boar boyz are under way!

Hi All,

Lots of news to share. I'll have to do pictures at a later date because I'm not set up to take good ones right now and I'm dying to share this with you.

So the Dragon Bait Krakatoans arrived and they look great. The crab is a monster and the other Dragon Bait minis from their already released catalog are very nice. They're very whimsical sculpts. Take a look at their shop here.

Colony 87 has returned with a new Kickstarter here. I'll also have a widget on the side.

You can get all the new ones plus the old ones this time around, no one need to feel left out. You can see beautifully painted versions of these on JB's blog, Leadplague, and you can see my take on one of the first wave figures in my "Merchant of Venus" post.

Lastly, I've finally started painting those Boar Boyz (sorry Don).

The days seem to go by quickly, I'm putting more effort into utilizing my time more effectively and not put off various real life things I would rather ignore. Fingers crossed.


  1. Cheers for the plug Sean, I'm so happy this one proves even more successfull than the first one !

    1. No problem JB. This one looks like it's really taking off.



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