Saturday, March 2, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 278 - Completed Skeletons

Hi All,

Well, I'm sorry about the extra spotty posting of late. Track Season and being sick have effected hobby output across the board. Although I didn't finish the figures I had planned to do, I managed to fulfill my 200 point obligation to the Old World Army Challenge.

I am at that point of the year where I am frustrated with a lot in life. To use a cliche, I'm not sure I'm living my "best life." Anyway, I'm taking a break from social media etc for now to try and really accomplish my hobby goals. If you're curious about how I painted these I encourage you to read it on the Old World blog. It's very straight forward and easy.

I'd like to welcome Ed Gladdis to the blog, sorry to be a downer before welcoming you. Ed is a super talented painter and has his own blog The Work of Shaitan. You owe it to yourself to follow him.

Thanks for looking.

Happy painting.


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