Saturday, August 17, 2013

Answers to the 10 (these go to 11) questions.

I'm a sucker for these blog questions. This one was started by The Laughing Ferret here. Many of you answered directly on his post, I think I'll do mine here so I can add silly pictures.

1. Dinosaurs or Dragons?

Dragons, because Dinosaurs let themselves go extinct.

2.  In an RPG would u rather be a Player or DM?

Player. Although I am a little of a control freak I never was a very good DM.

3. You have a Time Machine: you can only take a trip to the future or the past. Return or not is your choice.  Which direction & how far?

Tough one, but I still think my answer is I'd suck it up and graduate from High School instead of quitting and getting my GED.

4. Favorite Online Comic

I feel like I should have one but I don't read online comics. Maybe that should change.

5. Of these Empires which do you feel is the BEST Empire and the WORST Empire? 
Roman, Mongol, Spanish, Russian, British, American. 
How you define Best and Worst is up to you.  
If you're feeling up to it, rank them from best to worst 1-6.

I admire the accomplishments of Rome the most, for me it's a toss up between Russia and Spain for the worst, but probably Spain for being the most exploitative.

Countries the British haven't invaded in white.

6. Who wins the fight?  Roman Gladiator or Samurai ? 

If we consider training and will to win being equal then I give it to the Samurai who has the technological edge in perhaps the best sword ever made. Otherwise it's too much "my style beats your style" which is bullshit.


7. Who wins the fight?  Darth Vader or Witch King?

As much as I love Darth Vader he was really only good at bullying kids, old men and Fleet officers. Witch King hands down.

8. Who wins the dogfight?   Starbuck in Colonial Vyper or Luke Skywalker in X-Wing?

Luke, c'mon he has the force. And holy frak?! I thought Starbuck was a dude!

9. Who wins the battle of wits? Tyrion Lannister or Wesley? 

Mark Messier!

10. Money & Time no object, what movie or novel would you like to have the armies and terrain in miniature to recreate and expand on, and in what scale?

Tough one. Probably Middle Earth although Hyboria is a close second. And 28mm if money is no object.

11. Human Beings die off. What species rises to take our place, becoming the next sentient species with a global civilization?

Lizards, and I'm sure recently watching the Star Trek episode "Arena" with the Gorn in it has no bearing on my choice.

And finally I'd like to welcome four new followers to the blog, the last few posts I have completely forgotten to acknowledge them.

Emilio, I'm sorry but I can't tell if you have a blog. Let me know if you do and I'll post a link.

Legatus Hedlius needs no introduction. An international man of mystery with no fewer than 15 blogs listed. I follow Legatus' Wargames Armies and Roman Wargames Armies I think.

Guidowg comes to us from This Ain't living.

The Miniatures Man writes the self titled blog The Miniatures Man.

I have not had the time to go through your sites, I will do so when I get my latest project more under my belt.


  1. Still laughing from #7. Good point!

    Starbuck: Guy or Girl: beating Luke ;)

    As for #11, internal genitalia or not, bikini-brief onesies = bad idea... not sure how long that civilization will last.

    1. Thanks LF, it just came to me that Vader is really a bully and doesn't have anyone that is really his match except for the emperor.

      Honestly the only thing I really remember about the Original Battlestar Galactica is that a kid in my class had that flight jacket. He was spoiled rotten.

      I can't comment on reptilian genitalia. As much as I'd like to.

  2. Good answers Sean, very well put together!

    1. Thanks Fran, I just realized I should have put in a good picture of Darth Vader. Oh well.

  3. Excellent stuff. Now I am going to have to do it too! But first I'll wait until everyone else has so I can be late as usual...

    1. Thanks Legatus. It will be fun to see your responses, late or not.

  4. I always answer the time travel one this way. I'd go back in time and kill Cromwell, drag his dead body all around Ireland, cut off his head and shit down his neck, then send the corpse back to England with a note saying "Feck off" pinned to his chest.

    1. Hi Anne, that is a good one. Mine is quite a bit more selfish and self absorbed.



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