Thursday, August 15, 2013

This week in Talomir - More Plastic

Well I'd like to say that more progress was made on this project but here we are.

Ready to be washed.
Looks like the Equites, Arquebusiers, 2 units of legionaries and the Hykar Mercenary cavalry. These are the Republican Roman cavalry and infantry from Italeri that I showed you here. Dark Dream Studio Landsknechts with muskets, and Strelets Turcopoles.

These are the things I ordered from Hobby Bunker. Oops, I forgot to order the Orion Pirates, doh! I'll just have to remember them when I place my next order for random projects. Right now I'm trying to stay focused. The Zvezda Roman Auxiliaries look more like what I envision Romans to look like. I probably should have gone with them for the Legionaries but I was trying to buy locally and jump start the project. The Egpytians look great as do the Nubians which are not for this project. I can't remember whether  had them tagged for Kurinthia or Zamba, but I think it was the former. My other idea was the Mayan figures, but I digress.

To break up the monotony I tried to paint the Troll from the Caesar adventurers pack. I knocked him of his base again, so am going to have to bring out the big guns and use super glue. For some reason I have it in my head that I need to be able to back out of any basing scheme so I've been doing it with PVA.

This is a shot of my magnifying lamp thing. I believe Paradox0n had asked me about it. It works but I knock my brushes and knife on it when I'm working so am considering a visor since I now have to face the fact that I just can no longer see things up close. Hard to admit for someone who has been near sighted almost their entire life. The brand appears to be Carson and I had never heard of it before. It appeared to be a return to Hobby Lobby. The light is provided by LED's.

So lots of work to do. I haven't had much energy due to my ramping up of exercise, I will try and post updates when I get some more accomplished.

And if you hadn't noticed, facebook for Android now allows you to save images.

So now I can lavish you with the weird and sublime stuff that comes across my news feed.


  1. Quite surprising ending on the post. I prefer R2D2 if asked.

    I am looking forward more and more 1:72 Talomir reports

    1. Hi Cedric, I think the first one is more about the costume and the performance. I prefer R2D2 as well.

  2. I'm curious to see the big Troll painted !

    I like the Princess Leila picture ! beautiful and funny!

  3. Hi Sam, thanks I'll try to get the Troll finished soon. The Leia picture is pretty funny.



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