Saturday, June 18, 2022

Figuring out 3d mapping some more

 Hi All,

  Just a quick one. I've been noodling around with Blender more, trying to understand how the various nodes work and get them to achieve the look I'm going for on my own project.

Here is my erstwhile map configured using Sam Bowman's procedural terrain technique but using my height map to displace. The water needs work still and I'm trying out different ideas for how to mask out the rivers better.

One thing I finally figured out is how to view the effect of the Color Ramp by adding a viewer node. Shift+Ctrl+Left Click on the node you want to view and it will insert a viewer node for you. Now I can see where the mountains are getting their stone texture in white, for instance.

I did get a little farther with the Toby Rawal version, but I was having some difficulties with the Color Ramps and decided to go to Sam's method. I also really dislike how I did the water here.

Anyway, in general I like the look of the Bowman method better. 

Hobby on.


  1. Thanks for posting these descriptions of your process, Sean. I have a bunch of fantasy maps in sketch form that I want to render, so hearing about your work is really helpful.

    1. Thanks Matthew. Glad to know that it is of some use. I should probably also see how to do a photoshop version, I've just been into learning Blender lately.