Thursday, April 28, 2016

Looking for Oldhammer opponents/ players?

Hi All,

If you'd ever wonderered "Is there anyone locally to get in a game of 3rd Ed., Rogue Trader, etc to get in a game with?" you now have the ability to get on a listing and view listings of others who may be in your area.

You can sign up on the Oldhammer forum here:

Here's the new version of the opponent finder hosted by the forum instead of an individual.

I believe Dreamfish is responsible for sexing it up with colors by region.

This is still the old version, I'm not on it for instance, but there should be new additions soon.

All you really need to do is give a rough geographic loaction, ie what city you're in, and some way to be conacted. Blog, facebook, email. Your choice.

Let's hope all these guys in Spain, for instance, get on there and uncover other Oldhammer freaks to play with. Knobgobbler can't be the only person West of the Rockies.

Sign up or incur the Emperor's Wrath!

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