Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blog re-design and some upcoming stuff

Hi All,

Just a quick note. Dynamic views has been terrible for me for the last 4 days or so, javascript not loading. So I've given up on it completely. I'll try and get things more ordered here soon. Let me know if there is anything you would like to see (besides more Boobs that is).

I'm still slogging through my vacation pictures. I'll try to hurry it up but it's a lot. I'm only 500 in.

I'll try to bring my laptop to karate today so that I can give a writeup to my ancestor who was at Gettysburg. Right now I have a lot of basic info but am getting a little bogged down. I'll probably do an overview and then follow up with more in depth stuff as I get to it.

I'm back on deck to play out the last battle of the season for Talomir over at Talomir Tales. It is Spring 994 and Tropilium has invaded Stygustan.

Stygustan (RR 7, -1 to Mangu)
4 Light Chariots
2 Infantry
1 Axemen
6 Archers
1 L2 Magic-User [costs 1 RR]
4 L1 Magic-Users [cost 1 RR each]
The Drums of Doom [1 RR]

Tropilium (RR 10, -1 to Treyine, +1 from Northern Tropilium)
1 Equites
3 Legionaries
2 Auxiliaries
1 Auxiliary Archers
1 Archers
1 Slingers
1 Ballista
1 Mercenary Hykar Cavalry [1 RR]
1 Mercenary Riata Warriors [1 RR each]
The Black Company [3 RR]
1 L2 Wizard [1 RR] 
1 Northern Tropilium Auxiliaries
Amulet of Sorbrowane

Gotta run.


  1. Good to see that your having a game and that you're working out.

    I'm glad you switched out of Dynamic View. They may be clean and crisp, but they are hell to navigate through and to comment on. Right now, I can't get anyone's to scroll down to the comment sections.

    1. Thanks Anne. Sorry it took me so long to switch back.

  2. I agree, this new layout works so much better. I can actually see the comments!

    1. Thanks Hugh. I'm expecting more comments from you now.;)

  3. Glad you have booted the dynamic views, I cant get on with them at all and often have to keep reloading pages to view them on others that have them and often give up and leave it.

    1. Cheers Andrew. Maybe that is the secret to getting more page views, people are loading multiple times trying to view it once.

  4. Boobs are good, glad the dynamic view is gone as most blogs with it lately are not showing comment boxes or simply refusing to open.

    1. Thanks Fran. Boobs, check. There is definitely something wonky with the javascript.

  5. Got to admit, I hate the dynamic view, like Fran said, most of the time there was no comment box, so we couldn't leave a comment.

    1. Thanks Ray. I guess I only have to here it a few hundred times before I do something about it.

  6. I've been having the same prob with dynamic view blogs for the past week or so, so well done on you for ditching it.

    What else do we want? In no particular order:
    more boobs
    painted pewter pr0n
    even more boobs
    yet more boobs

    1. Thanks Tamsin. I should have done it long ago but was addicted to the numbers I was getting. I guess I've matured. I'll have some special boobs for you all soon.

  7. I ditto the dynamic view problems I did try it for a week but soon reverted back to my old layout

    1. Thanks James. In the end it just wasn't really looking right and the functionality that it did have was not really adding anything to the blog.

  8. I'm not a great fan of the dynamic look, it is all very flash, but for regular readers there seems little point - this works so much better for this grumpy old curmudgeon!

    1. I'm glad it works better for you Michael. It finally didn't work for me either and that was the last straw.



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