Thursday, July 11, 2013

Big Lee's 1 millionth hit prize draw.

Shameless bid to gain five more entries into Big Lee's giveaway. You can find it here. Don't dally like I have, you have until Monday to enter.

I've been feeling a little run down after the big vacation. I found the spot on my ribs that I was denying is cracked. I don't have picto-graphic evidence but it hurts like hell if I press on it just right. So denial was not the cure all I had hoped it would be.

I'll share some pictures of San Diego and the Safari Park in a day or so, I only took about 1000. Lots of stuff from the Air & Space Museum and the Aircraft Carrier Midway. We also were stalked by a pair of Tigers.

I also hope to bring you an outline of my ancestors who fought in the Civil War. I'm sure I mentioned it before but Gettysburg sparked my interest again and I found a book devoted to the regiment my Great great grandfather was in. Also confirmed that elements of my grandfather's story is true, just not the specifics of time and place.

I've also been reading, albeit slowly, And a Bottle of Rum. In a bit of synchronicity my son is doing a summer camp about Pirates so my Pirate will be Jack Rancid, Captain of the Calico. If he becomes a pirate I'm thinking he will be Throat Beard the Pirate.

I'll finish up with  few milestones. I am now over 70K views and June was my highest viewed month ever with 11,679 hits. I am over 200 posts and have finally broken the 100 follower barrier. Now that I have achieved some of these targets I am going to focus more on comments and conversation as that is more appealing to me.

Welcome to new followers:

Don Hans of Realm of Citadel a fine painter and Oldhammer adherent. Check out his Thugs and Nurgle warband. And while you're at it give him a few more followers. You won't be disappointed.

Warlord Paul of The Black Hole great looking terrain and figures. It looks like many of the heavy hitters already follow WP. Be cool like us and follow him too.

I have actually primed a few fantasy adventurers and am trying just gluing them to the washer and will base goop after painting. The theory is it will get them painted faster. Already had one incident with the troll. I knocked him off his washer and so had to handle him to paint him. I ended up peeling off some primer with my fingers, so he looks like he has a skin condition on his hand. I'm going to try and make it work. I'm thinking an Orky green palette with maybe some grayish highlights.

I've rambled enough for now. Have a good one.



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