Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happy Gygax Day

Hi All,

This just came across my radar this morning.

I have no idea if there were events or anything involved. I'm not interested in the drama surrounding which version of D&D is better or if retro clones are better etc.

I just like to remember the good times I shared with friends playing games with Mr. Gygax's name on them.

If you care to share your reminiscences, please do. Or perhaps I will share a thing or two. You can see one such inspired art work from this post here.

Have a good one.


  1. Let's raise a glass of something cold because it's fecking hot as well!

  2. Every time I hear Gary's name I think of my paladdin whose character sheet is still in "RPG wallet"? IN these times, I can almost see a big eye watching me and saying "come on, you know you want to, let's give that good old Seu (the paladin's name) some good dungeon bashing and a few more levels...
    And I know one day or another he's gonna win.

    1. Sounds good Asslessman. You could try doing a solo campaign like they do at or



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