Monday, July 29, 2013

Battle report over at Talomir Tales

Just to let you know that there is another battle report up over at Talomir Tales here.

I played it out over the weekend and felt it was not my finest hour. Too many distractions and my brain was addled from I don't know what. Perhaps too much time away from the rules hurt as well.

Just a tease, get thee to Talomir Tales.
I've got to get my truck serviced today, but I've been thinking about bloggery again lately. I also need to buckle down and get some paint on some figures. I know same old story.

I'll leave you with some Man flesh for Anne:

and this for the lads:


  1. You're lucky there Sean that man flesh was a bit of a shock....the the antidote appeared!

  2. I much prefer the lady armour for some reason.



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