Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sale at Fantasy Flight Games

Hi all,

  I'm back and just wanted to let you know about the ridiculous sale they are having at Fantasy Flight Games

Everything may not be to your taste, but they are selling the Age of Conan Boardgame for $25. It normally retails for $79.95. With shipping it came out to about $39 for me. I'll take it.

The sale ends December 3rd.

As for other bits of bloggery don't forget to check out Ray and Postie's new painting service over at Battleaxe Painting Service. I've already recommended them to someone in the UK looking to paint up some 15mm zombies and survivors. If you need something painted, why not give them a try and put some cash in the hands of some fellow wargamers.

I also came across, and followed, Phil's site: The Wargaming Site and specifically found this post interesting. So I'm torn. Although I'm not totally wedded to my current blog layout, I like it because it allows me a certain amount of design input. I feel like the flip card option takes that away. Now since I am not really a designer it may not be all that bad to give that up, and if the trade off is more page views then it might be worth it.

What do y'all think. (Sorry I lived in Texas for four years and grew up in Harlem in Manhattan, sometimes it slips out.)


  1. Don't be encouraging his madness and delusional behaviour!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Sean! And Fran, you can kiss it!



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