Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Under the weather and updates

Not much progress on projects. I caught some sort of bug and slept most of yesterday and have felt alternately cold and hot all day today.

I did manage some cosmetic updates to the blog however.

Finally updated "What I'm Reading" to The Burning Land by Bernard Cornwell. About 80+% through and liking it slightly better than the last book. But they've all been good.

Also decided to update the banner. These are images from the top 10 posts on the blog.

That's all for now. Still working on the Saxon and Viking figures. There will be a rematch between Tereken and Mirholme, just without the hero for Mirholme.


  1. Sorry your feeling under the weather, but at least your reading a great book!

  2. Look after yourself Sean, man flu is a serious illness!

  3. Turns out I have some sort of virus that is now expressing itself as a nasty, itchy rash over most of my body. Not contagious, but very uncomfortable. I'm also waiting on the chest X-ray results, my lungs sound good but I'm short of breath.



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