Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pneumonia, Paint Mixing and Football

Well it turns out I had a touch of pneumonia, so that explains the trouble breathing. The antibiotics have knocked it down pretty quick so I don't feel like it's hard to breath anymore. The viral rash is another story. It's not totally unbearable but thoughts of requesting to be put into a drug induced coma have gone through my mind. Basically it's red and itchy and over at least 75% of my body. The benedryl makes me groggy but it is difficult to sleep. Topical hydrocortisone seems to do nothing for it. I'm keeping optimistic that yesterday was the high water mark and things will improve from  here.

I've taken pallette knife to paint bottle and found that most of my paints seem salvageable, throwing away only one thus far. I am running out of spare paint pots though, so I will probably order the ones I saw in this post from Chicago Skirmish Wargames here.

Today is the final game of the regular season for my sons flag football team. We have been seeded #2 in the tournament and play the #1 seeded team today. Next week will be the playoffs and championship, if successful we will have to play 3 games that day. My challenge is to go to the game and not exacerbate my condition or scratch my hide off. Wish me luck on all accounts.

As for the hobby, I've done precious little the last few days except for the paint mixing. The battle reports are coming in fast and furious over at Talomir Tales. My resolve to push on and finish these armies is flagging as I may not get to field the Mirholme force again if they lose this battle. But I'll still try.


  1. Ooh, that sucks! I've had pneumonia before and I remember that completely flattening me for several weeks. To have a rash at the same time must be very unpleasant; I sympathise deeply. Let's hope that you're right and the worst part is over!

  2. Sounds like your having a great time!

  3. Itch it, itch it for the love of Michael Flately!

  4. I've had pneumonia before too, almost this time last year. Couldn't do a thing. Hope you are over it all very soon. Good luck with the football.

  5. Bummer to head you have been down and out, hope you come back strong!

  6. I wish you a quick recovery and I wish to your son to win the games!
    It will be hard for you to go at the Stadium, no?

  7. Sorry to hear of your troubles, Sean. Hope things pick up for you quickly!



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