Saturday, August 15, 2015

Paint Table Saturday - Week 33 - Aug. 15th 2015

Hi All,

Nothing on the paint desk for the last two weeks as I went to Oldhammer USA Weekend last week. I am taking a break from the painting desk to work on various household/ home improvement projects.

In the meantime, here is a picture of the figures that placed in the retro figure category. The idea was a figure that you either painted during the "Oldhammer Era", was from that era but perhaps painted more recently, or captured "the spirit of Oldhammer". (My memory may be faulty. Read Airbornegrove26's coverage of the event here.)

1st: Citadel Gnome Jester (Lissanne Lake); 2nd: Grenadier Dwarf (Fredrick Kober); 3rd: Citadel Orc (yours truly)
I remember being quite pleased with myself when I finished painting the unit this guy was in. Part of the problem I had then, and still have, is that I paint every figure to the utmost of my ability and level of detail. I don't seem to have a speed painting or rank and file approach. I'm not saying that my level is great, I'm just saying I spend way too much time per model. I think that the more I paint, the better results I can achieve in less time.

Not sure where I'm going with that? I guess just to say that I'm still trying to evolve as a painter. I feel like I've finally painted enough that I've gotten the basics back and have started to develop my painting style 2.0.

Thanks for looking and happy painting.


  1. Cracking work, the jester steals the show for me.

    1. Hi Michael, the Jester was very deserving of the win in this category. Lissanne is an exceptional painter. I loved all her miniatures.



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