Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Advanced Heroquest - First Questers

Hi All,

Last week I set myself the challenge of painting up some figures for the family to play Advanced Heroquest with me on my birthday, or there abouts.

Once I finally got stuck in it didn't really take that long. I gave my wife and daughter a choice of figures so they cold be more invested, but I tried to stick with the basic tropes of Human, Dwarf, Elf and Wizard.

As you can see I painted two of the original figures and two Reaper figures that my wife and daughter each picked from my collection of unpainted figures.

I tried to keep the color palettes simple and use a lot of the same colors across the four figures to not have to think about things too much. I'm not super happy with everybody's eyes, but I think it is better to try and paint them.

This shield is a lot like the one from the plastic Bretonnian Knights of the Realm.

I almost forgot. For the two AHQ figures,  I cut them of their bases and then used a "brick" roller from Grenstuff World over a thin layer of DAS. That suggestion was given to me by Asslessman of Leadplague quite some time ago.  I like the look for a dungeon crawl.

And the back. 

Rawr! I chose to do the dwarf in White and Blue as a nod to Wayne England. He's nowhere as good as those figures, but I'm happy with how he turned out.

Not much to see here.

Or here.

Here you can see the work I put into the hammer and shield a little better.

This is Anduriel from Reaper miniatures. I thought it was a female figure. My wife doesn't think so, but she picked it anyway to be the Elf.

I bought this figure as part of the Reaper Learn to Paint kit: Non Metallic Metal.

You may have noticed that I ended up using metallic paints.

I started the turtorial, and learned a couple of cool things, but I mostly learned that I suck and NMM and don't understand how light reflects off of objects. Painter, know thyself!

This is the 25th Anniversary Lysette. I have very few female figures in general and even fewer female wizards, so I was happy to paint this one for my daughter.

She is a super busy sculpt and I probably had the hardest time with her out of the bunch in just figuring out what colors to use and where.

I kind of rushed her hair, I could do better, but I wanted to get the game started before it got too late.

I don't know if the yellow flower clashes with the rest of the model, I just wanted it to stand out. I had a hell of a time distinguishing between the flower and her ear on that side.  I think i got it in the end.

I hope you are getting to your backlog of hobby stuff. I have another project I'll be finishing up over the next couple of days and then I hope to have a comic report of our dungeon delve.

Happy painting!


  1. Fantastic work, Sean. Really nice, really oldschool. Makes me want to plunder a dungeon or two!

    1. Thanks a lot Xathrodox. The play through will be coming soon.

  2. Great! The fighter turned out particularly well!

    1. Thanks Skully. I enjoyed painting him in particular.

  3. Spot on - lovely work and great to be getting the family involved! The kids are usually up for it but not sure I'd have much luck with the wife! The roller is a great tip for basing dungeoneers - might have to look in to one for myself!

    1. Thanks Thansants. She has been a little more up for playing things since we started staying in more. The trick is to mix it up and give everyone a chance to pick games. But yeah fantasy roleplaying is pushing it to the limit for the ladies of the house. AHQ is enough of a board game to bridge it slightly.

  4. Lovely work there Sean! Good choice of colours throughout. The browns work really well.

    1. Thank you Shaitan. The browns I used are not ones I normally go to. It was nice to expand the repertoire a little.

  5. Like these very much. Jealous of you getting to play AHQ - one of my very fav's from my teens.

    The yellow on the flower actually works really well - a good spot colour.

    1. Thanks Dai, I never had it or played it back in the day. I just wanted to use something different for the flower in her hair, I've been using a ton of red lately and I wanted to branch out.