Thursday, July 26, 2012

Talomir and other things updated

Hi all,

As I approach 100 posts I got a little funny about post hoarding again. So I'm giving you a few things all lumped together.

I put together a short video AAR of the most recent Talomir Tales battle here. You'll need to pause it to read the text but it was a good first try just to see how it might work.

I played the game on my new foam battle boards.

Artsy eh?
I went a bit crazy with the sponges and paint. I then did a wash of brown with a little black mixed in to tone down the effect.

The final result.

I got carried away and forgot to photograph the intermediate steps. After the wash I highlighted the grit with gray and then a mix of sand and gray by dry brushing. I then liberally applied Scenic Cement with a spray bottle and a 1:1 mix of turf and grass colored flock. I think it is a little too fine and uniform, next time I will add different textures of flock and try my hand with some static grass. I then sealed it with another liberal spraying of scenic cement on top.

And here it is set up for the battle.
I have since purchased some felt squares to make a better delineation of terrain features such as woods.

Off to continue some cleaning and then swim lessons and Karate for the kids.



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