Monday, July 16, 2012

Viking figures, some progress

It's not much, but I've started making some progress on my Viking figures. Right now I'm trying to paint up the Mirholme Army in the Talomir campaign. There is a little more pressure as Ed (owner of Two Hour Wargames) has joined and will be fighting one of the other battles. He blogged about it here.

Anyhow, a few minor setbacks and challenges. I had to brush prime as my unused Citadel primer is somehow blocked and won't spray. My attempt to use poster tack to put figs on a popsicle stick failed miserably. I don't want to glue them on as I'm afraid I'll snap them off at the ankles. I found and then lost some double sided tape that I will try next, when I find it again.

The basing is coming along nicely, a mix of sand and Railroad Scenics ballast. But I learned that I need to apply a second coat of PVA on top unless I want the material all over my paint brush.

The non functional spray can.

What do you mean it's no longer under warranty?
 Yes that says 1999 on there, never sprayed it once.

You may recall Hemming and crew.
 Coated in diluted PVA then left to dry. Followed by more PVA on the base and covered in sand/ ballast. Then painted on the Black and relized I should have sealed the sand with more PVA.

A mix of Zvezda and Imex.
This group is PVA'd. I used light spackle and then played around with putting sand on in patches. Then sealed it with more PVA. When taking this picture I noticed the axeman  on the right has some terrible mold lines. I suppose I'll have to clean him up.

(This will also be my first test of scheduled posts)


  1. I never saw figs on bases before painting!
    but if it's your way....
    the black looks very glossy: doesn't be an inconvenience for the paint work? (for me, it is because I don't see well all the details!)
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Ray.

    @Sam, I used to paint then base, I thought I'd try it this way as I was never satisfied with my basing in the past. I too think the black is too glossy. If I can't see the detail I can do a dry brush with a lighter color to reveal the detail (and possibly more mold lines I missed). I also bought two new cans of spray paint, Satin Dark Walnut and Semi Gloss Black, for some reason they didn't have flat black at the hardware store.

  3. Great start. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.



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