Friday, July 20, 2012

General Update

Hi All,

  Just a quick update since I have several irons in the fire. I've been doing a lot of shopping for hobby related stuff. Bought way too much stuff at Wargamevault during their sale. Mostly paper terrain but also rules and ships for Roman Seas. I mostly wanted the ships but the rules sounded interesting.

  I base coated and started painting the Vikings. Those sounds you heard were my cries of anguish. Thus far I feel that the spray primer experiment may be over. It doesn't seem to save that much time and, as with most things, I fear I am to heavy handed with the spray.

  Also I began the color blocking and realized that I must face the fact that I am a total beginner again. The paint glopped on and looks atrocious. But on ward and upward as they say. I need to figure out how to thin my paints, can't find Liquitex Flow Aid locally yet, or if I can do it with a model train "wet water" recipe. I did a little by just wetting the brush periodically. It may also be time to just dump the old paint. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

  I also broke down and bought a magnifiying lamp. I'll post pictures when I get it set up. I also need to clean my work area. Right now it's in a state I'm referring to as opulent squalor.

  Printed off the extra counters I needed to play the next to battles for Talomir Tales, the other players are waiting on me (no pressure). And so of course that meant I should also spend a lot of time yesterday starting a new battle board.

  I have huge sheets of styrene but I thought this solution might be quickest. Four 1' x 3' x 1" sheets which I have now painted and textured. I will spend today getting a tad artsy and hopefully flocked and playable by this evening or late afternoon.

They now have a top coat of brown over the grit.

Happy gaming all. I hope to have some battle reports soon.


  1. Don't you love having a bunch of projects all at once? :) Those 1x3 boards look just the right size, and should be able to be stored easily. I'm looking forward to seeing them finished. I've also been tempted by Roman Seas in the past, I'd like to hear how you like it. Also, what else did you end up getting from WargameVault?

    1. I'll let you know about Roman Seas when I get to it. The guys at Talomir Tales are all waiting on me to finish my battles so we can get on to the next turn. I got the Whitewash city bundle the Dave Graffam fantasy bundle, some Microtactix Fort and seige stuff (dirt cheap stronnghold), Urban center set and riverland terrain. Then Stoelzel's Cape and Pub. I'm feeling I maybe should have gone for Fat Dragon's Rio Draco, and I'm thinking about doing the Stoelzel stuff on mat board instead of foamcore. I'm getting tired just writing this. Whew!

  2. Looking forward to how all your projects come out.



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