Friday, July 13, 2012

Paper Chase

Just doing a little card modelling, using Dirt Cheap Terran by Microtactix. Inspired by the Colonel to get started, and in need of a gaming surface I thought I'd start with this kit I bought over a year ago.

On the recommendation of the Dux I downloaded the latest podcast of Meeples & Miniatures and listened while I cut and glued. So far so good. (Actually I listened to #90, 89 and 91 show up on the blog, go figure.)

I'll try to get some pictures of progress up tomorrow.

*** Update 7/15/12 ***

Here are a couple of pictures of what I've done so far. Sorry to disappoint Joe, but it's not an actual terrain piece but really a tile. I'm trying my hand at these to improve my papercraft technique on something that is not as vital.

Using paper connectors

Using paper clips

reverse side showing paper clips

So not the greatest but it'll get the job done. The paper clips hold together better but make the edges bow up. After doing most of these I realized that you need to really bend the flaps pretty far under if you want them to lie flat. That's why most of my edges bow out.

After I finish this set I may sex them up with a pattern printed onto the tiles. I'm also considering World works or something like that for artwork. It also looks like a robo cutter might be a worthwhile investment if your going to do a lot of these.


  1. What he said... We want pictures! :)

  2. Microtactix has some nice stuff. I love their Theater from the Twilight Streets set. What are you making?



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