Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From my Library

After buying a few more THW titles in a recent sale I was thinking about how to jump start my knowledge of eras I am not as familiar with. While at the local Costco I happened upon this book.

While it is just basic it puts a lot of things in context. With my recent purchases of Muskets & Mohawks, and Long Rifle (Both set around the time of the French and Indian/ Seven Years War) I now have the basis for some campaigns not only in The Americas and Europe but perhaps also some 18th Century colonial actions. This book also got me to dust off a couple of impulse buys from last year.

So could be a great resource for using the new RRtK Historical Army lists that just came out.

Now I'd love to give you more detail on the DK book, but it has gone missing already. My son is in the habit recently of picking things up and moving them about the house. I'm glad he's interested, I just wish he could tell me where he left the damn thing.

In other news, while I was successful in finding flow aid and a lot of good artist acrylics, but I managed to leave my pot of Dwarf Flesh just open enough to turn it into a solid block of paint. So now I have to figure out how to mix and thin my own paint. Joy.

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