Saturday, August 29, 2015

Farewell Leia and Maggie, welcome back Fran

Hi All,

Just wanted to draw your attention to a few things.  As you may have noticed I redid my banner to better reflect my painting output for the last year or so. I have finally graduated from being  just a wargames waffler to waffler and painter.

My wife texted me this to shame me. She should know, I have no shame.
One of the things that needed to go was Princess Leia in her "slave" costume from return of the Jedi. Apparently seeing it chapped my wife's ass.

You can revisit my posts about Leia here and here. Sadly, Leia's Metal Bikini is no longer with us, but you can find it

I also removed Margaret Thatcher, or rather Meryl Streep dressed up like her to please Ray. Although, to be honest, she was only ever there to get a rise out of him in the first place.

Ray and Maggie do the forbidden Dance.
Okay, not my best photo shop, but you get the idea.

Switching gears I'd like to herald the return of The Angry Lurker Fran's excellent blog. He was one of Postie's Rejects and Ray's partner in crime. You may remember my re-imagining of their weekend in Nottingham for Blog-Con. It was entitled "Of Budgie Smugglers and Banana Hammocks"  (beware, you cannot unsee the images contained in this post). You may prefer the follow up "Salve for recovering from the last post" as many people to this day apparently do. (No nudity, but you may not want to look at this at work.)

I was going to make another Photoshop of "Frandoz", but since the last one was such a cock up I'll save it for another time.

The self imposed painting ban will end this weekend. I'll have some more stuff for you soon.



  1. LOL! Thank god you got rid of that devil woman!!!!

    1. You're welcome Ray. I just wish my photoshop had been better

  2. Well that certainly brightened my Sunday morning, thank you.

    1. Glad you liked it Michael.Just a bit of silliness.

  3. I'm with Ray on this one! "Ding, dong, the witch is dead..."



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