Saturday, August 1, 2015

Paint Table Saturday

Hi All,

While I'm not really an official member of this Paint Table Saturday thing, I like the idea. I may start doing it more just to keep posting regularly and keep you up with what's going on.

You may have noticed, I'm sort of a stream of consciousness guy, and I can find connections in pretty random stuff.

Here's a couple of quick pics.

A quick look at what's on the table. I need to get it in gear to have everything finished and packed up by Thursday.

I still need to flock the command group, but they've got their shields and varnish on.

The Army Standard Bearer is coming along. Not Oldhammer but I think he stands out from the army, and that's the point I think. Only color blocking and the first highlight of Horn/tooth/bone. That's about four coats of red, and it's still pretty blotchy.

The second row of gobbos. These guys are awaiting the final skin highlight and some work on teeth and eyes. I'm having a little trouble with the shields as some of the attachment points were not meant to poke through. I may need to come up with a way to make shield bosses to stick on.

Thanks for looking.


  1. really likeing the gobbos sean.i love the green and orange cotrast.also what base color do you base coat your grenn flesh ?

    1. Hi Kat, thanks. It depends. For Orcs I do a Hauser Green Triad. Dark, Medium And Light. For Black Orcs I do Dark Forest Green for the Dark green. I am still working through some of this and of course my notes get spotty the more inspired/ frantic I get to complete my figures. The goblins are dead simple. I use only the lightest green shade, Hauser Light Green, and then wash with my home made grunge ink wash. I then go back and highlight with the base color but try to thin it down so it's more like a glaze. Or at least what my uneducated idea of a glaze is. Sometimes the paint is thicker than others. In the main my painting style right now is to do fairly heavy handed layers/ and or dry brushing and then knock that down with an ink wash. I followed Les Bursley's recipes that include matte medium, water and a drop flow aid in with the ink.

  2. That colour combo is great fun and hugely effective. Paint Table Saturday is such a great idea as, if nothing else, it keeps you posting on a regular basis and certainly helped to keep my productivity going when work was becoming particularly demanding.

    1. Thanks Michael. I like bright, outrageous colors for my goblins. The whole black robed thing really turns me off. I think paint table Saturday is a great idea. I had joined the blog awhile ago , but that seemed to dry up. The Google+ version seems much more active. And yes, anything that helps push along the routine is good.

  3. Looking good Sean, looking good!!



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