Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Arrgh! - I'm running out of time.

I leave for Oldhammer USA weekend tomorrow night and I'm still not done with what I was trying to finish, let alone know if I can even safely transport it.

Let's take a look at where I'm at.

These gobbos are mostly done. The flesh is really the last thing, apart from a few metal studs and random highlights.

The Army Standard Bearer is coming along. I did the checks and eye icon yesterday. Good for the most part. It would have been better to have the eye be larger and partly behind the skull, but my brain couldn't seem to figure out how to draw the image partially obscured ie I could figure out what not to draw.

These gobbos are in the same boat as the other five, although it looks like four of these haven't had the dry brushing on the ground work.

The Orc Shamen may not make it, they've had weird things like teeth and eyes done, but not much else.

After repairing their banner poles, and finishing the ground work on the one on the left, these two banner men have been hidden behind the dropper bottles. It blocks their accusatory glances. You can see evidence of the old banner paper and places where I chipped the paint trying to remove it.

I gave up on finishing these guys awhile ago. I was going to try and make molds of the two on the right to bring the unit up to 20 instead of using my dodgy conversions. But I've revised down and may only take the 16 or so that are finished.

Speaking of finished. I have those two banners to do for units that were "finished" 20+ years ago. This show the evolution of the banners. The one in the top middle is the one I did c.1991 and I hated it almost immediately. Flanking it, on the yellowed paper, are the designs I came up with at the time to replace it and make the one for the converted spear banner. Beneath it are the attempts I made in GIMP to cut and paste elements I found on the web into my banner designs. The one on the right I somehow made too big and both of them have the tabs too short to wrap around the banner poles. I printed them on regular paper and tissue paper taped to regular paper. For these I've decided to stick with regular paper, as I'm concerned that the tissue would be destroyed in transport.

A lot to do in the next day and a half. Wish me luck.


  1. Best of luck getting everything done, I must admit the transport side of things would worry me to death. Love the banners by the way.

    1. Thanks Michael. I'm hoping I can execute my vision better this time around.

  2. The standard-bearers are my favorite! Muscle through it, Sean! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Steven. My flight's not until 11:30pm, so I've got some time to figure it out.

  3. You have time to finish those shamen, dif deep you'll be pleased you do.

    1. Thanks Erny, I'm in the Detroit Airport waiting for my connection to Allentown. I got everything on the table finished, including the Shamen and banners.

    2. Greats stuff sean the spirit of old hammer is proud of you!

      Hope you saved some orcs for orctober!



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