Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Oldhammer USA Weekend - Battle at the Tower of Ytsur

Hi All,

My final battle of the weekend saw my orcs fielded once again with Dustin as my co-general against VT Chris's smartly painted Bretonnians.

Once again we decided to forego Magic except for magic items. We tried to use formations and had a very relaxed conversation about various rules as we played. It was a really great way to continue relearning this game.

For the report I used the Blue - Orange template in Comic Life 3. The program is still saving in a weird place but I'm able to save the jpegs where I can find them.

If you have trouble seeing the individual panels, try right clicking on the images and opening them in a new window/tab. I try to make them as big as I can, but the page and the light box are only so big. I need to overhaul the blog's design, perhaps how it displays images should be a priority.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Another great report Sean and much better without the filters.

    1. Thanks Michael. I like the idea of the filters, but find they muddy the images too much. Perhaps I should follow Airborne's example and just throw a filter on one or two panels?

  2. Sean this was most excellent. As for the images I think they turned out great. The comic background, and pages numbers are a lovely template. ;)
    P.S. people just have to get used to right clicking to a new window to embiggen the images.

  3. Thanks airborne. To borrow a term from you, word!



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