Monday, June 29, 2015

Goblin Wizard and Fanatic done, Gobbos started

So finished these two today.

I thought about doing some flame detail around the wizards hood, but decided it would be too busy. His jacket is actually purple but looks almost black in this shot. I tried something different with his face pustules and hit them with some reaper rosy flesh, then burnt umber wash to tone it down. The fanatic was very straight forward. The grunge wash came through again and really brought out the detail. Just a little highlighting with the base color, bang, done.

While I waited for varnish, white glue to dry I worked on basing some of the gobbos.

You can see the other fanatic in the background. He's got a jesters hat, so I want to do a more complex pattern on him. I'm breaking this unit into groups of 5 to make it easier on myself. I need to prep about 13 shields for these guys.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Looking good - that shaman is a great mini.

    You've got a nice selection of Gobbo's there although I'm intrigued by the standard bearer - not sure I've seen him before? Is he a Bob Olley?

  2. Thanks Thansants. I always just assumed all my green skins were Kev Adams. Turns out quite a few of my Goblins are Bob Olley's. I found the figure in question after a few links on CCM Wiki.

  3. I think that may be a Olley sculpt...I used to have him myself...I wonder were he has gotten to...?

    I also love that Goblin of my favorites and one I've had since his release....and of course as he is a Marauder mini he is a Morrison sculpt

    1. Hi Blue, thanks. According to the link I posted he's a Bob Olley from WD 103. I found many more of my goblin figures listed there as well. I had no idea they were Olley's I think it's fair to say I really like his sculpts.

  4. That wizard/shaman looks like a grumpy old so-and-so, doesn't he? I agree that a flashy trim to his hood would have looked out of place

    1. Hi Hugh, yes he does look rather cranky. I spent a lot of time thinking about embellishing the hood while I was painting him, but am glad I didn't do it in the end. I think it actually would have detracted from the model.



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