Saturday, July 4, 2015

Painting Table Update

Hi All,

Hope you're having a great Independence Day or weekend if you don't celebrate that. We've been enjoying the holiday weekend with a lot of movies and I'm grilling a few Ribeye's while I type this.

We saw Terminator Genysis last night and I enjoyed it. It's kind of like the Star Trek movies in that they use and build on elements that you know while extending the story line in a new direction. And it has all the robots, shooting and explosions you'd expect.

I think I'm way behind schedule, and I've been forgetting to write down my progress, but I have been plugging away at the gobbos. Here'sa few pictures before I rattle on too much:

Here's the Orc Army Standard bearer I've been working on. This is from the new plastic kit and I've had a bit of trouble gluing him together right. A lot of gaps to fill with green stuff and I screwed up the face plate so that it doesn't line up with his eyes. you'll never see it, bit I know I messed it up. I decided to put some cork on his base to make him stand out even more. Gilding the lily?

The gobbo regiment. It doesn't look like much progress, but I got the dark leather on half of them and the lighter leather on all of them. Half of them have also had their skin base touched up.

A fair amount of work, that you can't see, has been done on this guy. His hood is actually half "white" and half yellow. The lower part of the robe is blue gray. I want to do a purple lozenge pattern over the yellow. We'll see how that goes.

I think were going to sit down to a Terminator movie retrospective while we eat tonight.

Have a good one.


  1. They are all coming along nicely and a Terminator retrospective sounds like a great idea!

    1. Thank you Michael, we were able to watch the first Terminator movie on Netflix last night. I wanted the kids to see it while the new movie was still fresh in their minds so they could see where the story lines diverge. It's weird how dated the Special effects look. The Terminator skeleton looks like a Ray Harryhausen skeleton.

  2. Great looking goblins, Sean. Nice details on the hooded guy.

    1. Thanks Dean. I'm really enjoying finally getting these guys into table top shape. I still don't blend layers very well, but I feel like I'm getting a better handle on highlighting.



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