Monday, June 8, 2015

Struggles, but some progress

Keepin' it real here on the blog.

I have gotten a few things done over the last few days, but nowhere near what I'd like. It's Monday night as write this and I might get some more done on a few figures.

Here's what we have thus far:

The Red and Black Boyz have had the ground work dry brushed and the last few bits that were left white have been painted. I started focusing on all the little stray paint areas and obsessing over the change in green color that I now use.

Black and Yellow Boyz have had the ground work base coated Earth Brown. I think there were a couple of missed scabbards and straps here that were covered up as well.

The Standard Bearer and Orc Shamen had their ground work painted and the shamen got an ink wash over their white areas to try to give them some definition. I found a picture of wolf cloak here and Oddgit here (hopefully you won't need to scroll down).

The Fanatics and Goblin Shaman had their ground work done and an ink wash to the white. Of course I became paralyzed by the possibilities of how to color them. I'll figure it out.

So I've made two charts to try and figure out my schedule.

Unit Figures Status
General 1 done
Army Std B 1
Biguns 10 done
Trolls 2 done
black orcs 10 done
boyz 20 1 left
boyz 20 5 left
arrer boyz 10
arrer boyz 10
gobbos 20
gobbos 20
stickas 20 done
stickas 20
gob wulfboyz 10
gob wulfboyz 10
Orc Shaman 1
Orc Shaman 1
Gob Shaman 1
Fanatics 2

So we can see we have about 14 unfinished entries for the army so far, as it stands I think my list is still a tad shy of my 2000 point target. I may be able to massage some more points into it.

The calendar is sobering.

Wk Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Unit
1 06/01/15 06/02/15 06/03/15 06/04/15 06/05/15 06/06/15 06/07/15

nothing finished
2 06/08/15 06/09/15 06/10/15 06/11/15 06/12/15 06/13/15 06/14/15

3 06/15/15 06/16/15 06/17/15 06/18/15 06/19/15 06/20/15 06/21/15

4 06/22/15 06/23/15 06/24/15 06/25/15 06/26/15 06/27/15 06/28/15

5 06/29/15 06/30/15 07/01/15 07/02/15 07/03/15 07/04/15 07/05/15

6 07/06/15 07/07/15 07/08/15 07/09/15 07/10/15 07/11/15 07/12/15

7 07/13/15 07/14/15 07/15/15 07/16/15 07/17/15 07/18/15 07/19/15

8 07/20/15 07/21/15 07/22/15 07/23/15 07/24/15 07/25/15 07/26/15

9 07/27/15 07/28/15 07/29/15 07/30/15 07/31/15 08/01/15 08/02/15

10 08/03/15 08/04/15 08/05/15 08/06/15 08/07/15 08/08/15 08/09/15

So nine and half weeks to get these guys ready, although the first week is gone and nothing finished. There is also the week and a half when I'll be travelling so I may have to take my painting kit.

Well, at least I know what I'm in for now.

Wish me luck.


  1. Well, certainly - I wish you luck! You may have 14 entries left to do in your target chart, but quite a few of these are just a single figure. Might be easier than you imagine :-) .

    1. Hi Hugh, thanks. I thought about combining all the character figures into one entry but for organizational purposes kept them separate. I'm going to take a crack at finishing something today.

  2. Looking good mate! I'm loving all your Oldhammer stuff. It's getting me excited about my own projects.

    1. Thanks Millsy. Not that you really need my help, but I really enjoy inspiring and being inspired by fellow bloggers.



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