Saturday, June 6, 2015

Painting vow progress

So Stevo and I have expressed what we each want to paint in the near term to help spur each other on.

Another thing that is helping me focus is having read Jonathan Jones's article on his Talavera 1809 campaign in Wargame Bloggers Quarterly, Vol 1, No 4.

In the article he talks about how he tackles large armies for his campaign scenarios and his blog discusses planning and motivation, two things I lack.

The main question I had was, how the hell do I follow his system for fantasy and my own campaign world? I think I've found a solution.

First and foremost I need to get my force for Oldhammer USA weekend together. I've found the unit cards I made for my original force and I do have several additional units based up, in varying states of being started. The big problem is I'm not sure what the hell I was on about for this army at the time.

I'm trying to use Army Builder to flesh out a 2000pt legal Warhammer Armies 3rd ed force. It's causing me fits slightly, as it won't let me build forces to fit the numbers of figures I have and I'm struggling to remember how leaders, heroes and champions work. The problems of not having actually played in 25+ years.

Right now painted up I have (roughly):

10 Black Orcs (technically 12 if I count the champion and general figure)

10 Big Uns

20 Stikas

2 Trolls

20 Boyz (need to fix SB)

20 Boyz (fix SB and finish 4 figures)

Based up but not finished:

19 Gobbos + Half -Orc leader (not sure what I was on about with that.)

19 Gobbos + Half -Orc leader (ditto)

10 Arrer Boyz

10 Arrer Boyz

20 Stikas

10 Goblin Wulfboyz

10 Goblin Wulfboyz

2 Orc Shamen

1 Goblin Shaman

2 Goblin Fanatics

1 Goblin Mounted hero

I may not even be able to transport all this to the event, but it gives me something to work towards. I also had an epiphany, I could build forces for the scenarios in the back of 3rd Ed, Forenrond's Last Stand, and Seige, The Defense of Caraz-Lumbar. I also need to dig around for Warlord Paul's scenario I never got to from a few years back.

I also see that I could apply this to the base Armies for Talomir, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

I'll leave you with  a picture of what I worked on yesterday as I listened to Bolt Thrower Radio on Pandora.

Dry brushed the ground work on 10 Arrer Boyz and some trees. Finished ground work on the other 10 Arrer Boyz, 2 Shamen, and the old Standard bearer. I'm going to try and repaint the skull and horns on the standard but otherwise leave him alone.

This was brought to you by Blunt Force Castration by Cannibal Corpse.


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    1. Deleting your comment is me being nice. I do not tolerate spam.

  2. That is loads. You are well on your way to completing the project. I now have my work cut out fo me to make a reasonable show of my vow!

    Keep up the good work


    1. To be clear, the only thing I painted was the ground work on the bases. Every bit of paint on all those figures was applied in 1990, or there abouts. So I haven't done all that much. I hope to do more today.

    2. From your email I thought you had 20 Arrer Boys part done, I was terrified but supportive. Now I see you have a good stab at getting it done. I will post up my vow today!

    3. While they are mostly done, most of the work was done ages ago. It's all about support and inspiration. I'm going to check in with you more frequently.

  3. Hi Sean,
    Glad you found my article helpful. I really wish you well on your project.

    1. Hi JJ, thanks. I really need to read through your blog more to understand your process. I'm still a little seat of the pants on this project.



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