Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scatter Brained

What do you do when you're lagging behind on a project? Why surf the internet for hours and purchase things for a completely different project of course.

This week has seemed to be more hectic than usual. I've been volunteering at my kids school for a running/ walking program they are doing and it's amazing how 4 hours a week has really got me hopping to get my usual routine done.

So aside from rumination on ACW and campaigns a tad I went ahead and placed an order for several Seven Years War (SYW), Great Northern War (GNW), French and Indian War( FIW), American War of Independence (AWI) figures.

I know you all are like "really!? he hasn't even finished one project!" but bear with me. A while back, in one of my unrestrained rules purchase binges, I got the THW titles Muskets and Mohawks and Long Rifle. Basically sets for gaming unit actions and RPG fur trader type stuff around the FIW.

There are quite a few good 1/72 sets for this period and since I needed to order one box for Talomir I figured why not make the most of shipping and just buy this stuff now. After having taken it in the shorts buying one pack here or there for lead, I thought this would be slightly more intelligent.

So my thought is to game an Imagination style 18th century game and throw in some early colonial warfare aspects, possibly discovering Lemuria for a good campaign.

Billy V (Imex) sets from Hobby Lobby.

I also have some more thoughts on photography and mapping. Hopefully I can hold onto them for a few moments so I can put them down.

Speaking of maps, you must check this one out ( I don't think they had the videos last time I looked. Starts with Black Sabbath, so how can you go wrong?

Welcome to two new followers, both of whom don't have their blogs listed in their Google friend profiles but I recognize their avatars and or names.

Prufrock of Here's no Great Matter, an enjoyable blog about gaming. Right now he's on about map and chit wargames. Gave me some great tips about making a battle mat and then I went a completely different direction.

The Convenient Skill of That's what you get for living in a cul-de-sac (hopefully I will never have to type that out ever again in full). But seriously, if you like solo rpg play he has literally a ton of ideas. A lot of good reads and quirky rule sets reviewed.

Of to a double header of 5-6 year old flag football. Can my son's team rebound from a tough one point loss last weekend? We shall see. Go Panthers!


  1. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who can't stick to a project! It sounds like a great idea though, you don't see a huge amount of this period in 1/72

  2. The bloodyshinyitis disease strikes again my friend!

  3. I don't see the problem, I often, well always start new profjects before I finish the last one. Just realised how many unfinished projects I must have

  4. Another fallen victim to starting new projects. I never do that :)

  5. Sean, Sean, Sean what have you done??????? Go Panthers!

  6. Hi Sean, - I too bounce rapidly from project to project, but I view that as part of the fun of the hobby! part of the reason I enjoy following your blog is the wide range of stuff that you do! I am quite looking forward to seeing your work using the Imex/Billy toys figures as I will be using figures from those two sets (really four!) for my Volley and Bayonet AWI forces.
    And of course - GO PANTHERS! - Brian

  7. I was rather taken with what seemed to me the final word on imagi-Nations: the map leading this posting. The four competing nations of Frontalia, Parietalia, Temporalia and The Occiput - yes, I can see it now. The Occiput, of course, is much reduced from the mighty empire it once was, but retains a certain rude vitality that maintains its continued existence...

    1. Wow, that didn't even occur to me. Brilliant! I'll have to develop that further, perhaps a map tutorial in the Blaeu style, although it is a century early. We shall see.

  8. "What do you do when you're lagging behind on a project? Why surf the internet for hours and purchase things for a completely different project of course."
    - Fantastic...I thought it was just me!!! :-)



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