Sunday, October 14, 2012

This week in Talomir

Well, Spring 992 has begun in Talomir and what better way to start than with having to paint up two new armies.

As we may recall from the "Bold Plan" series, I was unsuccessful in trying to get just over 100 (was it 107) miniatures painted up to fight the Treyine vs. Naz-Goth battle. I did get all of the the Orcs cleaned up and based on washers, except Hogash should have been mounted. But I did not even get them all base coated. For the Treyine forces I got them all off the sprue but only the Foot Knights, Infantry, Hero and Mage were cleaned of mold lines. Again the hero should have been mounted but I didn't read the list carefully. And here are a few shots of the Orcs, showing the different primers and the flesh base coat.

Sorry, focused on the background. But shiny and not shiny are obvious.

Wish I had a non shiny base to compare. Fig on the right is the Dark Alliance set 2, others are Caesar.

Treyine Infantry with spear ala Paul's Bods. And special clamping device to help it stay put while glue dried.

Of course this month sees me signed on to fight two different battles with four completely different armies. I will be fighting the North Tropilium invasion of Hykar with card counters as I already have the Hykar forces printed out from my failed attempt to play their battle against the Dragon. Looks like I'm short one unit, but I can probably borrow one from the Treyine or Seniiran armies that was printed earlier.

Hykar minus one, and only two I can use from Tropilium sheet for N. Tropilium. Doh!

The big one for me this month will be the Tereken invasion of Mirholme. This is one I hope to game with figures and fortunately I have already gotten a start on these. For Tereken I will be using Imex and Revell Saxons with a couple of Italeri Celtic cavalry converted into Saxon cavalry. The Tereken Forces should be 35 figures, the Mirholme should also be 35 figures and I already have 13 based and primed, yeehaw! ( I know it's not a very dark-agey expression).

Vikings of Mirholme, primed in black and on the paper.

Tereken. Top left are Skirmishers, most lying down are fyrd. Standing and front left lying are Huscarls. Mounted are mounted huscarls.

So there you have it. I'm not sure just yet how to go about converting the Italeri celts to Saxon cavalry. There are parts on each figure that seem like they would be a bear to whittle off to fit with saxon upper bodies. I may re-think this and order the Miniart Germanic Cavalry as a conversion free proxy. I also need to figue out how to make a shield for the lone unprimed viking in the last picture. Perhaps just an arm swap for now. And please forgive the midden heap that is my painting area.

Lastly, welcome to Ivor Cogdell. Sorry you didn't get a chance to get in on the giveaway, hopefully there will be something useful and/or interesting for you here on the blog.



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