Monday, October 1, 2012

New (to me) WWII in 1/72

As I was eating breakfast this morning and trying to avoid real life by, what else, surfing for 1/72 plastic figures. I came across a manufacturer I had never heard of before, Valiant Miniatures. They seemed to be made for Rapid Fire, a rule set that I've stumbled across previously but don't really know much about.

Anyhow the sculpts look really nice but what really got me was the box art. It's of painted figures! Who'd of thunk it? Very close to impulse buying from one of my suppliers, Mega Hobby here.

(Whoa! Major freak out as a bug was crawling on my neck while I typed. Blood pressure back to normal.)

So I'll check over at Benno's and see if anyone has the 411 on these. There is nothing at PSR.

Just wish they had Soviets.


A search on Benno's here didn't turn up a whole lot of information. The posts start around 2010 and the main comments I can see are that they are "large" and of "cartoon" proportions. I'll have to delve further.


  1. Interesting, their website:

  2. Let me know what you find out as I am in the market for some more WWII figures.

  3. I have heard of them, but have never bought any of there figures. Got to sya they do look rather tasty.

  4. With 68 miniatures I feel it may be more quantity over quality the sculpts are a little plain and there's not a whole lot of action poses it's more like they're all just resting

  5. Hi Jonathan, thanks for commenting. I actually thought the sculpts were pretty good. It seems like roughly a third of the figures are "action" poses and is on par with most 1/72 manufacturers, HaT comes to mind. My major beef with these figures was the fact that they don't scale with any other manufacturer. The look giant compared to other 1/72 and too small next to 28mm.



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