Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bad Blog Keeping

I noticed that I had been remiss in labeling the last couple of posts and had forgotten to welcome the new followers to the blog. So without further ado:

Welcome to:

benglish who joined as armchairqbacks. Aren't we all?

Ogre Sage


Christopher Sheets who writes Dispatches from the Rim your blog looks familiar and if I've welcomed you before I apologize. None the less thanks for being a follower.

Michael Matecha who has a great Zombie avatar and is really in the spirit of the impending zombie apocalypse.

Raspoutine and his blog Brain Poutine. I like the giant world works castle. Let me know if you write more on your blog.


Mathyoo of 28mm Later an interesting pulp/ horror and more blog. Yeah you have been following me for awhile I think but no worries, I'll welcome you again as well. I seem to be having memory problems.

Moe from DFW, I lived in big D for four years. Even as a Yankee I enjoyed my time there.

Herc Warrior, you may not be actually following, I'm not going to hold it against you.

Graham, I'm pretty sure you are a follower. I'm glad you are back to posting at Pairadice Saloon

Avid Wargamer of Avidwargamer's House looks like Sci Fi and Western THW and more.

And Papa Spanky of The Haunting of Portsmouth and Geek in the Basement. I'm liking those post apocalyptic cars. And don't worry about missing my blog, I miss them all the time or don't follow for some strange reason. It's all good.

I'll try to keep up the bloggery. I think I haven't really hit on a style, or am I the Bruce Lee of bloggers. My style is no style.

More Talomir is in the offing and I'll try to put together more thoughts on paint mixing and Battle Cry. Aside from all the other post thoughts I had that are fading as I type.



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