Thursday, October 25, 2012


Well my figure order arrived sometime last night. I've been puttering around prepping figures here and there while running errands and doing chores.

First up the Ancient Germans and Celts.

These Germanic warriors have a little flash but are much nicer than the Revell Saxons. I think that they could proxy for Vikings or Saxons. The Celts have a lot of character and detail. I haven't put them up side by side with the Italeri Celtic Cavalry but because they are different arms a size difference shouldn't be as obvious.

Next the 18th century stuff.

The Billy V set I bought is the same as what's in each of these boxes, so I may have over bought  AWI. The Indian Warriors are very nice, 16 individual poses. The Swedish Artillery looks cool, but I see now that their uniforms are totally different from the AWI stuff. I'll look more carefully at the Swedish and Russian sets from Zvezda for inafantry to match and then I have to source some more artillerymen. But should be good to get a start. I'll have some more thoughts on that project later.

I also finally mixed up some flow aid.

I poured out 30mL of distilled water and then used an old antibiotics oral dosing syringe to measure out 1.4mL of flow aid. This should make a 20/1 dilution, I think.

I've been trying to get painting but my paints are somewhat separated and may need a device such as Kasper built at WarmasterDK here.

But now I seem to have also broken my washing machine, so that's got my attention.


  1. Looks like you've got lots of painting ahead. Good luck! And I hope you get the washer fixed with minimal fuss.

  2. Looking good Sean, looking forward to more!

  3. Good luck Sean, the Germanic Warriors set is really nice to paint, but it doesn't half take up some time sorting out



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