Friday, October 5, 2012


or a watched hit counter never reaches 10,000.

Some of you may remember when Heinz ketchup used the Carly Simon song in an add.

So since I can't wait by not posting anything I'll tell you what will be happening once I reach 10K. To celebrate this milestone, and in honor of what some are calling Zomtober, I will be giving away a copy of Two Hour Wargames latest release: All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out (ATZ - FFO).

This is an update of their top selling Zombie skirmish game with all the newest rule mechanics etc. You may have read about on Vampifan's blog here, or Colgar6's here.

I am very excited about this title myself, and the only reason I have not bought it already is the massive shame and guilt I feel at still not having played all the other titles I own. And realistically I don't have any models made up.

Oh and if you do a search for Zomtober you may find something silly like this:

Silliness! So while I twiddle my thumbs waiting for the interwebs to take notice of my littleslice o' the net and wait for Battle Cry to come in the mail I wish you all happy gaming.


  1. So if I keep clicking on your blog will we get to the give away faster :)

  2. Actually as it turns out I was able to capture the milestone for posterity for you Sean.



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