Thursday, October 3, 2013

Zombtober, Bloggery and Basing


Although I don't think I can fully participate, what with Talomir and Orctober taking up a lot of my time, I thought this was a good idea.

I first heard about it from Sheldrake here, but I understand that it originated here. Since most of my hobby time is spoken for right now I thought I'd just make an effort to game Zombies. I think we'll do it this way. We'll play Zombies!!!, I'll start getting my head around ATZ-FFO, and then we'll maybe try using Zombies!!! game pieces and the ATZ city deck. We'll culminate trying to use the 54mm zombies and survivors that we have. Sounds like a plan.

Around 50mm tall, green is the international color for zombies.


I think it was Paradox0n again who noted in passing that his stats had changed. I think he said that his page views had lowered because blogger was no longer counting bot crawls as page views. Mine have been hovering around 100 per day, more if I post, less if I don't. I've also noticed a lot more traffic sourced from google or blogger as the refferring URL, not sure what that is all about. I also received an email from Feedspot, telling me about how many new viewers were reading Talomir Tales on their feed reader. I find this odd as I am only one of about five authors on the blog and not even the admin. When I independently (ie did not follow the link on the email) tracked them down they basically look exactly like Feedly. So I'm not sure why I would change to them.


Now that push is coming to shove for finally gaming an RRtK battle with figures I'm going to actually have to work out my basing scheme. As you may recall I was going to use magnetic sheeting as stands/movement trays. They are 3.5" x 2" and I was going to use a full one for cavalry, engines and monsters while using half of one (3.5' x 1") for infantry. Well the chariots alone would not fit on a 2" deep base if I'm trying to keep the 3.5" frontages consistent. 3.5" is a frontage of about 89mm, which also begs the question if I should be playing on a larger table. I currently play with these frontages on a 4' x 3' table, but I think that size was with 40mm frontages in mind so I should probably be playing at least 6' x 4' if not 8' x 6'.

That will have to be sorted another time as I need to get this done. I'm happy to report that painting the magnets looks okay. For now I'll just paint them my base earth tone. In the future I'll experiment with some light flocking.

Still way behind.

And welcome new follower Snickit. You got stuck in the back of the followers widget because you don't have an avatar, one of the annoyances of blogger. I thought your blog was Snickit's Tale but that appears to have been deleted. I thought I was following it as well. If you have a new blog, or can resurrect that one, just let me know.


  1. Aye I posted about it. But even though I did a short research on this topic I didn't find any clues. Only comfort is that Blogger stats and Google Analytics now seem to be pretty close together (which isn't that bad to be honest) :)
    Haven't any 54mm zombies so I am out. But have to search some Orcs, they hide somewhere in all those packages :)

    1. Hi Paradox0n, I think googles own numbers agreeing is probably a good thing. As for Zombies or Orcs, it's all good just paint what you have. Hmm what about Zombie Orcs?

  2. Snickit changed his blog to Snicket's Tail (geddit) and it caused all sorts of problems. Either unfollow then follow again or manually go to your feed and replace tale with tail. He is a great bloke and does a good line in nostalgic posts so it's worth the effort.

    1. Thanks WP, and yes I am already following I just forgot the change. I also have to double check my blogroll versus feed reader. God I hate how they're no longer integrated.

  3. Good choice Sean, keep focuse don Orctober ! anyway if you miss zombtober thi stime there's alway deadsember after that...

    1. Hi Asslessman, I agree. I need to keep my eyes on orcs, then zombies and then perhaps return to Cthulhu by Christmas.

  4. I blame you for this Orctober madness I have joined :)

  5. Awesome Andrew, I look forward to your take on Orctober.



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