Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Very slow progress and revisiting Orcs Drift

So although I am painting more, it is still painfully slow. I am however slogging through the Tropilium forces.

24hrs and still wet.

Slow but steady, armor bits.

These Roman riders look almost finished!?

I also realized that MC Monkey Dew had played out some battles with the Marauder Orcs and I did a search and found out that he was using Warrior Heroes to play out Orcs Drift. He said he was following Javier's example here. MC Monkey Dews posts here.

So my thoughts on doing Warhammer with Warrior Heroes, as usual, are completely unoriginal. But I sort of already knew that. Anyway I'll have more of a read through and try statting the Forces for The Altenburg Chronicles soon.

Welcome to new follower Subedai author of The Lost and the Damned. He is working on those Marauder Orcs, among other things for some awesome 3rd Ed Warhammer. Definitely worth a look.

Also looks like I've lost someone, although the numbers always seem a little skittish.

Me personally, I've been feeling a tad blah over the last few days, shoulder acting up etc. So a quick pick me up for those inclined. After the break: although this is from facebook.


  1. Slow it might be, but there's a damn sight more happening on your table than there is on mine!

    1. Hi Michael, I have to say I'd much prefer your quality to my quantity at the moment. Unfortunately I am locked into a need for many figures all at once.

  2. Progress is good. Sometimes just keeping the momentum going, however slowly, is an excellent result all in itself!

    1. Hi Colgar, very true. Better to keep chipping away than to go in great fits and starts.



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