Monday, October 14, 2013

Palouse Wargaming Giveaway, Trebian's Article and project creep.

Apparently you all like posts that range around a bit as the last one garnered about two and a half times the normal hits.

Palouse Wargaming Journal Giveaway

Palouse Wargaming Journal is having a giveaway for its one year anniversary. Interesting looking blog and you get the usual extra chances to win by promoting. Go have a look.

Trebian's Article

Aaron over at Here's no great matter turned me on to an article on Trebian's blog about finishing projects here. For many of you the advice is not necessary, as you are very prolific painters. I have only ever finished maybe one or two units and Fladnag, so I took this article to heart a little bit. Although I had already ordered more stuff, which I'll detail next, I think I have a plan back in place. That plan is to set aside a daily painting time, finish the Tropilium and Stygustan figures then jump to Warlord Paul's Oldhammer scenario and then to Chris Stoeson's ACW scenario. I definitely need to buy some ACW cavalry for that last project, I think I already have buildings and terrain items that can cut across these already purchased, if not built.

Project Creep

As hinted at I have gone on a buying binge again, maybe binge is too strong, and bought some figures for some projects that I intend to do further on down the road. Splintered Light Miniatures had a sale so I snapped up some 20mm Ratmen, Lizard Men and Beastmen. I'll show them to you in a follow up. I also think I have all the figures necessary for Warlord Paul's scenario, but I would like to buy some 15mm orcs to proxy as goblins. I will however resist and use what I have for now.


  1. Project creep - don't I know it! I have so meny projects in an on-going state, none actually finished, though perhaps several that at least I have something to play with. The whole thing has got completely out of hand...

    1. HI AP, yeah I keep revising my rules for playing out games. It used to be only with fully painted figures and devolved into paper counters.

  2. The scenarios in the ACW book were great fun to research. Several of the scenarios are ideal for Solo play or just a couple of friends getting together. One or two would be better with an umpire as there is some surprises that should come the players way.

    Love Splintered Light Minis. Most of my Dark Ages stuff is from them. Apart from a few odds and ends anyway.

    1. HI Chris, I haven't gone for the full scenario book, yet. I'm trying to put off those sorts of purchases until I actually play some of the titles I already have. I really like the splintered light stuff as well, I wish they made more 20mm.

  3. I've been looking at Splintered Light's Arthurian range for a while now, I must admit to being very tempted!!!!
    And how true is that last pic!!!!

    1. Hi Ray, I've placed three orders with SLM and all their stuff is really nice. Tomorrow is my default.



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