Friday, October 25, 2013

Orky links

Since I haven't been able to work on my orcs because of prior commitments I wanted to post up some links to orc things that I find interesting. This is somewhat of a place holder but I hope will be of interest to others and possibly start some sharing on thoughts about orc kind.

First, aside from the Caesar fantasy set, what are some other 1/72 (20mm) options for goblins? 1/72 Multiverse had a good pos ton the subject here. To me the Alternative army orcs look like they would fit the bill. Perhaps talking about goblins in a post ostensibly about orcs is bad form, but an orc army without goblins just seems wrong.

Although not strictly Warhammer, Orcs and Teiravon give some good overview of orcish society. For Orc deities I like this wikipedia entry as it comes from the AD&D books that I poured over as a kid. Forgotten Realms Wiki has a little more fluff here.

While the Orcs website has a name generator there is a fun one that uses your name as an input at The Land of Shadow here. Watch out for the music. Or you can use the Inspiration Pad Pro file I made from the name generator in the back of the Mighty Empires rule book. My files page on my lame google site here you want to download the file named MEGoblinoidNames.ipt

I'll also have to look around and see if I can't find my notes for when I was on about conlangs and structuring a conglomerate orc language combining Tolkien and Warhammer. There was a great program called Langmaker, which is sadly no longer supported, that allowed you to make word banks and a sort of dictionary. You could also generate languages with it.

Well, sorry for the ramble. We are off to take the kids to a costume party while we have a "date" night at IKEA picking up an armoire that we can't seem to order online for delivery.

I hope to opine on stats and books in future posts as well as play out my next battle in Talomir. There have been some goings on there and two of the four battles for this season have taken place already.

I promise to have some pictures next time.


  1. That's a lot of web research on the subject of 1/72 orcs. Truly the scale has been neglected when it comes to fantasy or sci-fi models. I'n sure you'll love the models even more when you know that they are more difficult to find.
    I'd love to see how your force grow and how you're going to make up the gaps.

    1. Hi Cedric. Fantasy has some good options for 1/72. Sci-Fi has proven much harder. Thanks for taking the time to comment.



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