Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Basing Basics

Those of you who follow this blog are already probably aware of or following Dalauppror but I thought that his post on his basing method was too good not to share.

From Dalauppror's blog

You can see his 15mm basing method here. And his 28mm basing method here.

What I like about the tutorials is that he clearly shows his color choices and even gives product numbers for the things that he is using. Also you can see a variance in the schools of thought on basing in the two, slightly different techniques he uses. The salient difference being, basing unpainted figures then priming the whole stand together versus basing painted miniatures using a paint and glue mixture.

My own personal basing attempts in the 90's were very amateurish. I think now I would fall into, or do fall into, the base then prime camp.

Also a welcome is in order to the author, Dalauppror the site is great and his painting style is fantastic. Thanks for following this humble blog.

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