Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tales of Talomir

Or potentially Blod Orn Redux.

Recently on the THW yahoo group Ruarigh Dale, of Taomir Tales, asked for any takers to assist in his ongoing RRtK campaign. Seeing as how I am constantly threatening to play this I jumped at the chance to join in the ongoing campaign.

I thought that it would be only fitting that I choose Mirholme (the Viking equivalent) but I do have figures to play Altengard, Tereken, or Capalan as well.

When he mentioned that one could also possibly dovetail a WHAA adventure into the campaign I became positively giddy. I think that my Blod Orn campaign would fit in nicely with the current events of Ruarigh's campaign, even if the years are off since he's been playing for awhile.

In his campaign Gunnar Broadaxe is attacking Olaf Squinteye in a civil war to establish dominance over all of Mirholme.

As we may recall, Hemming Wulfgarson had been exiled following intrigues around the succession to the throne of Mirholme. The posts on this can be found here. So it is not hard to see Gunnar as a supporter or distant relative of King Haakon and Olaf as the Grandson of the previous King. I'll just have to move the year from 986 to 990 or 991.

Anyway this looks like the kick in the rear I need to get myself gaming. I've already accepted the invite to post on Talomir Tales and can't wait for more info on my upcoming role in the campaign.

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