Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back from Vacation

I've actually been back for a week now and I think my internal clock is more messed up than I thought. For the second day in a row I've woken up at 1AM.

We went to Beijing for 12 days with a side trip by train to Luoyang. All in all it went pretty well, although my Chinese was too rusty for my tastes. I did manage to get us fed and where we needed to go so it wasn't that bad. We mostly took the Subway around Beijing, there were too many of us to fit in one cab so we stuck together for the most part.

I tried to blog from my phone but it didn't seem to work and I couldn't even access blogger at all to read blogs while in China. Some people I know have set up VPN's to get around the firewall, but this is the first time I've had any internet devices in China and I did not do my homework before setting out.

Here are a few pictures that my daughter took:

The Forbidden City 故宫 with Jingshan Park in the background.

The Buddha Incense Tower 佛香 at the Summer Palace 颐和园.

The big Buddha at the Dragon Gate Grotto in  Luoyang, there are  1000's of them carved in the caves.

One of the guardians of the gate to the Shaolin Temple,  "Heng" I believe.

The Mutianyu section of the Great Wall.

The Temple of Heaven.
Today I'm going to try and not take a 5 hour nap in the middle of the day, so I may try to stay awake by tackling a back log of posts.

Welcome to La Long Carabine of One 72nd Fantasy Figures he has some nice how to's and has been showing some nice scale pictures of things he has been working on.

And welcome to Thor of Creative Twilight although primarily a 40K sight there are some interesting discussions on modelling and painting techniques. As you may recall I first latched on to his Blogging Tips and even made myself a PDF of his blogging articles. I have even put one idea to use already, the page break.

Any how, I hope to be back to normal posting and commenting from today forward.


  1. Welcome back! Does pollution was a problem in Beijing?

    1. Yes, the pollution is pretty bad again. We had blue sky in Beijing maybe 2.5 days out of the whole trip. A few days my throat was burning. I was last there the Fall after the Olympics and the air quality was much better then.

  2. Wow! very jealous , hope you had a great time!!!



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