Friday, June 29, 2012

Buyers anxiety

Or what would you do.

The other day while in town my brother and I went to two Comic Book/ Game stores. At the second I came across Conan Munchkin and the Original 1976 SPI version of Napoleon's Last Battles. (Boardgame Geek Link)

Now, apart from the difficulties of fitting it in the luggage and the ire it would engender in SWMBO, would you buy it for US$60?

The ebay sale link on BGG has the TSR version for $27US but they have trimmed the maps. I have no idea abut the condition of the one at the local store, I didn't open the box.

No clue if it is even still there, just one of those moments of wondering if I made the right choice in not snapping it up even though I don't really play or have much interest in Napoleonics.

I'm also too lazy to write up my rules analysis from my RRtK battle and I am running out of time for my 3.5 posts per week goal.


  1. If the condition of the maps is important to you as a collector I'd see if the store on is in mint condition. If you just wanna play it I'd go for the $27 one but its up to you!

  2. Buy swmbo some jewellery, it may help??



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